you too could make a gorilla happy

Several days ago I was at the post office sending my mom a long-overdue Christmas package. The woman behind the counter told me she didn’t think there were post ships anymore. Just airplanes.

A small part of my heart shriveled up and turned black. There go all those dreams of riding cheap with the post in a boat to America someday, sitting among mountains of letters and reading other people’s mail.

When you live really far away from most of the people that you like most in the world, every day that you get a package is the best day of your life.

Thanks, everyone who’s ever sent me a package. And thanks especially to Blood Hut for this one. Ba-da-bing!

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  1. i love writing and receiving letters and packages. they’re so much more satisfying than emails. And somehow, even though they take longer to write than emails, they’re so much more enjoyable.
    I suppose it’s because they’re real, touchable things! Not just intanggible (or something!) pieces of light

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