woe be you soy plant

I was hungover, but I wasn’t that hungover.

I tottered into the kitchen in search of food and coffee. There was soup, potato creme, just finished. Still steaming. I hungrily gulped down two bowls, splashed some water on my face, and went back to the wagon to read.

Laying in bed, Tropic of Cancer open in front of me, that’s when my face started to swell in large red blotches all over my chin. One eye was already red and swollen from a piece of fuzz I’d rubbed into it upon waking and that Coffee had plucked out of my eye with dirty fingers. The other rose to join it. I had noticed that the skin on my chin felt tight, dry I thought. So I put on some lotion. We don’t keep a mirror out.

I noticed first in the faces of the others who saw me. They looked horrified. I got a mirror. Red puffy blotches distorted my face. My neck was covered with the red itchy bumps that have been appearing and disappearing regularly for weeks now on my stomach and arms. I laid back down and tried not to panic. Then my throat started to tighten.

The doctor said I got there just in time. It’s the sort of thing doctors say. I’d already been in the waiting room for an hour, and my throat had felt better since I’d thrown up while someone ran to find out where the nearest doctor’s office is. Just in time for him to charge me 50 some euros for fifteen minutes of his time before closing.

He did give me some allergy pills though. Said I was obviously having an allergic reaction. Said the inside of my mouth was covered with red spots too. I don’t need to pay an expert to tell me these things. But I needed him to get to the medicine. He didn’t even ask me what it was I had eaten. The health care system doesn’t make any fucking sense.

I suspect soy (though it appears to be only certain brands of soy) and am going to try to test this theory out in the coming weeks (allergy pills on hand). I went cold turkey on soy and haven’t had a single bump since. Soy sauce and tempeh appear to have no effect. Other ingredients in the soup: potatoes, garlic, green beans, salt, pepper, lemon grass. If it comes down to suffocating or remaining alive, sure, I’ll go to the allergist. But I have some major problems with the way modern (re: mainstream) medicine is organized and implemented, and I’d rather avoid it for all but the worst cases, especially since I don’t have one of those little plastic cards that say someone else will be footing the bill.

The point of all this is to ask all you readers, in your diverse and eclectic wisdom, if any of you have any experience with allergists, soy allergies, or anything that could be remotely useful/of interest to me in figuring this one out myself (alternative medicine, herbs, etc etc). Cheers.

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  1. My neice is allergic to soy – hives, dark circles under the eyes and headaches. Soy is in nearly all processed food so read labels carefully! When/if you are ready to try an allergy therapy, you may want to try BAX 3000 – you can google it or go to http://www.biovedawellness.com. Good luck!

  2. Soy sauce and tempeh most likely wouldn’t bother you because they are fermented. For all you know its an additive they use in the processing of soy products like soy milks- which could be why certain brands are worse than others. I don’t know any better cure for allergic reactions (and I would know. curse you IPA beers!) than avoiding the thing in question and taking massive doses of benadryl if you happen to be exposed. But I’ll look into the herbal route for you… one of my millions of books on the subjects must say something.

  3. Thanks guys!!

    ts – Ah, yeah, duh, the fermentation. I have been trying to come up with a theory as to why it was that soy sauce and tempeh could go down so smooth. It’s so obvious that I didn’t even think of it. Even though I can see the book “Wild Fermentation” from my bed, where I’m sitting right now.

    I plan on avoiding whatever it is I’m allergic to completely as soon as I can single it out. I am wondering mostly about different tactics for figuring it out, and self treatments should some of it land in my food with out me knowing.

    jenstate – I’ll have to look into that treatment. Your niece’s symptoms sound similar to what’s been happening to me more regularly lately. Have been feeling quite distraught about it all because this allergy came at the end of another one that was covering me with spots, which turned out (I am 99% sure anyway) to be a laundry detergent allergy. Luckily I eat very few processed foods these days, so it won’t be hard to cut out the ones that contain soy.

    Part of me is kind of glad that my body is forcing me to stop eating soy. Because I couldn’t get it locally, and it’s all processed crap anyway. So. The silver lining.

    Thanks again guys. 🙂

  4. fenu – HOLY SHIT. that sounds quite a lot like what has been happening to me. besides being generally horrifying. i’ll have to take a look at the brands of soy milk/creme that have set me off and see if they contain any of those additives. bbrrrr additives. i sometimes simply cannot wrap my head around the shit that companies think its ok to put in FOOD. will have to go ask if there wasn’t a bit of vegetable broth powder in there as well (soup cooker says: i think there wasn’t, but now i’m not completely sure). hmmm. thanks for the link!

  5. You’re welcome! I love it when i can pass on a link that may potentially help someone. Jennifer has all kinds of nifty info linked through her other ‘site: http://onegirlworld.com i don’t know her (other than reading her adventures) but she is living the life that i wished i would have, apart from the allergic reactions 🙂

  6. Oh, whoa, I just visited that other site about additives and that is eerie- I’ve read about that particular one a little after I accidentally bought a can of sunflower seeds that contained it. I still think my beer allergy is due to some kind of additive- things that have a lot of hops in them seem to make it worse, and in America at least “hops” are really these dried pellet things, so who knows what the hell they’re putting in there as a preservative.

    Anyway thank you fenu for posting that info, I am definitely going to repost on my burgeoning food site (http://fishinthewater.wordpress.com/)

  7. soy allergy appears to be very widespread. but dont miss to check out the exact ingredients of that soup: particularly industrial products like stock cubes are used often thoughtlessly, though containing a lot of strange things.
    also you should be aware that it might happen you’ll never find out the reason for this allergic shock. as with the guy from the other mainz wagonplace who suffered a similar shock recently, nobody knows the reason why.

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