winter cleaning (daily life, january 2015)

A light dusting of snow has covered the ground; after weeks of rain and mud, the weather has decided for winter afterall.

It is warm inside our sleeping Wagen, and I sit typing on Winter’s bed while the Beard sits typing on ours.  These days, Winter is at Kindergarten all day every day.  There is time to write, even time to miss her company.  But then she gets sick again and I get sick again and we all find ourselves swinging from a ragged, final thread of patience, snapping at each other, unable to rest and unable to cope.  My immune system is operating on standby, and it takes me weeks to get over a little cold.  At the doctor’s office I almost cry before she finally agrees to give me the hard stuff.

Winter is the time of year for cleaning.  Not spring.  In the spring everything outside is moving and changing.  I don’t want to sit inside sweeping up, but outside, soaking up the sun I’ve missed.  In the winter I am inside with all the things we’ve accumulated over the last year, and the need to make room presses in from every shelf.  The library Wagen has lost a bulky piece of furniture and will soon gain more bookshelves; the sleeping Wagen now has a loften bed and a space I think of as our living room.  Bag after bag of clothes and old sheets have gone into the donation bin.  I feel like we own so much, and yet with such a tiny living space, it is really almost nothing.  Still, the less the better.

Having finished cleaning our living space for now, I’m moving on to web spaces.  Click Clack Gorilla’s face will change again, and if anything goes horribly wrong, don’t worry, I’ll get it ironed out and back up soon.  I hope, once I’ve finished sweeping up and rearranging the furniture, I will come visit you here more often.  I’m feeling particularly ambitious this month, a spark with projects that so-help-me, I will finish by the end of the year.  At least.

Until then, I have been madly writing things for Book Punks and you can find me there daily.  Some recommendations:

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I hope 2015 has found you all well…

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