wingnut dishwashers union

I hate it when bloggers cop out by posting lots of stupid youtube videos. But my love for Johnny Hobo’s music exceeds all shame.

“But if you don’t want to work, then that becomes your job. There’s a lot of overtime. There’s not many days off. I hope you know that I’m not trying to complain, it just gets hard to explain to people that I know or the kids that come to shows that I just don’t want to talk about the office today.”

High five hobo dishwasher wingnut, high five.

Video by the Sleeveless wonder. Here’s to weird coincidences.

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  1. woah i just got my heart stuck in my throat. naturally i was quoting just that same bunch of lyrics last night. coincidences are awesome and happy and i’m glad we’re alive and stuff. i’m glad the universe orchestrated a cultural exchange that included both of us putting on shows with someone the other person had met before, half a world away, on the same fuckin night.

    i had a dream we were traveling together last night, to morocco. <3

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