why hello there (new wagen on the platz)

One of my Platz-mates decided he needed a bit more space. As luck would have it, another friend of ours had a little Bauwagen that she wanted to get rid of. They hauled it here from Limburg with a truck, and here it sits, waiting for payday so renovations can begin. The good news is that I might even get to photograph the process so you’ll finally get to see the tiny house handiwork of someone besides me. And look! Snow!

In the continued name of making winter cheerful, here is another good mood anthem for us all this morning. The ukelele is an excellent good mood instrument. Happy tunes plus snow plus midler tempuratures plus the first birth prep class with the Beard this evening might just equal an end to winter doldrums.

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  1. i wish i knew what the English word for Bauwagen was, i have looked all over for one. and me thinky im not looking in the right places, with the right words, here in the US. if the cool little rounded top wagons even exists in the states, would you know what they are called?

  2. christopher: caravan might be the word you’ll need. there aren’t many of them in america. but i would recommend that you check out Shelter Publications new book Tiny Homes (or just their website or Lloyd Kahn’s blog) as they constantly feature similar structures, many of which are in America. best of luck!

  3. thank you for your reply! i just recently found a job site tailor that is close, but more modern, and of course too pricy for me. if i cant find one i guess ill move across the seas, (i wish) i do believe i have stumbled across their website but i will most certainly check out the book. although i have fallen in lust with the idea of living in a bauwagen. seems to me i will probably move into am off grid cargo container. or “sea can”

    thanks for the inspiration!

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