what would david bowie do?

Ch-ch-ch-ch, oh nevermind. Welcome to my round-a-bout way of saying “Hey look! I made some changes! Aren’t they neat? Do you like them? Should I do anything else?”

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, I swapped out the mass of text that used to populate the sidebar and put in click-able pictures instead. They amount to the same thing (all of the text now lives on my previously un-reachable about click clack gorilla page). But in my humble opinion they look a hell of a lot prettier. Call it a bout of winter cleaning—where I spend lots of time inside living out the best of (worst of?) my neurotic tendencies by organizing and re-organizing things and crossing some virtual Ts.

so if you’re a blogger…

I’d love to swap buttons with you. Now that I have finally joined the rest of the blogging world and made one. I want to fill out the “co-conspirators” section with a bunch of pretty buttons from awesome blogs—my one condition being that said blogs are somehow relevant to CCG readers. So if you write about offbeat parenting or dumpster diving or frugality or tiny houses or scavenging or diy and would like to wear the gorilla badge and have me wear yours, drop me a line (nicolettekyle AT yahoo DOT com). I have been trying to create the code for a “grab my button” graphic for two days now, and my website refuses to cooperate. (If anyone has any hints on that one, I’d be really really really REALLY happy to hear from you in the comments.) Thus the need to actual email contact.

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  1. Love the new gorillas! I’d swap buttons with you but not sure if I even have that capability since my site is .wordpress? Can discuss via e-mail…

  2. Frugal Vegan Mom: Hells yeah! Let’s do that.

    Isaac: I usually do a “gorilla awards” list once a year of the blogs that I enjoy. But as I seem to have not gotten around to that last year, maybe it is time for a links page.

    Ashley: That would be frickin awesome. Please pretty please email me that info. It would make my day. Want to trade buttons too?

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