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In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.  Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit hole, and that means comfort.

The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

Show of hands: who’s read The Hobbit?  And who’s going to see the second Hobbit movie come December?

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  1. I love The Hobbit! I saw the animated film in the theater when I was about 6 and got a record album based on it, which I still enjoy. But I didn’t read the book until my early 20s. Now I’ve read it many times, including reading it to my son when he was turning 4. He’s almost 9 now, and I’m planning to make it the book to read in the car on our Thanksgiving trip. I like it much better than Lord of the Rings as a reading experience, although I liked those films very much.

    I had mixed feelings about the first Hobbit film last year. There were moments that were really magical and wonderful, but overall I felt it lost the mood of the book in favor of being more scary and violent (we were really glad we hadn’t brought our son) and showing details of the story that happen “off-screen” in the book. My biggest complaint was that the dwarves were all wrong. As a female reading (or watching animated) this story with no important female characters, one thing I’ve always liked is getting to journey with that band of men, who are experienced adventurers but basically friendly. Peter Jackson’s dwarves come on like a biker gang! I didn’t want to hang out with them for two hours.

    But I’m definitely going to see the new film. Maybe I’ll like it better. I hope so.

  2. Will I get clobbered when I confess I tried reading The Hobbit, but couldn’t get past the dwarves with their cloaks and their singing?

    I will be going to the cinema for the second movie though!

  3. read half of it, need to get it back from the library and finish it. the spouse was a huge fan of both the book and animated movie as a kid.

  4. ‘Becca: I can’t wait to read it to Pickles. I think this is my third time reading it, but we listened to the BBC radio play of it every single time we drove down to my grandparents’ house for Thansgiving, so it feels like its been more like thirty. I love the story.

    Carien: Really? I have heard a lot of people say that, but I just can’t imagine it. But it probably has something to do with getting into it as a kid.

    Finn: I’ll be curious to see if you like it or not…

  5. I’ve read the Hobbit ages ago, I guess at least two times. But probably not again. I’ve reread the Lord of the Rings, when the movies came out and was really disappointed. Although I can appreciate the books as a milestone for a whole genre, I must say it’s a weak black & white story with a lot of really boring passages and only one interesting character. (And no Hobbit movie for me, Peter Jackson’s Tolkienmovies are pathetic and boring bullshit. To say it politely.)

  6. I have read The Hobbit but not yet seen the film. I would like to. Is there another one coming out as well? I have also read The Lord of the Rings, but found the film far too violent and aggressive. Much prefer reading about it.
    Husband has read most of the Tolkien books and whilst he watches The Lord….. every time it comes on TV, he says he prefers the stories of the long series The Thomas Covenant. I have never read them, but I think they consist of about 4 books in two series.

  7. Oh, yes, a friend of mine bought me The Hobbit in German. I’ve only read the first chapter, as I’ve got so much else to read.

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