what i love about winter

The moment that snow starts falling my head fills with cheesey songs about snow from lifetimes past. Christmas songs, songs I’ve sung in choirs—they all begin to play on repeat (or the tiny chunks of them I can still remember) on cue with a coating of white.

Snow and wet winters always propel my appreciation for warm, comfortable, water-proof winter shoes into over drive. What luxury! What comfort! If industrial civilization ever really does collapse, I’ll be the one looting at the shoe store. (Afterwards you’ll probably be able to find me at the seed store. And then maybe the outdoor supply store, if it hasn’t been picked clean by then.)

It feels like I take the same set of pictures every year after the first snow, but with so many Wägen are in new places and so many readers I thought, what the hell, I’ll post a few more.

The view from our bedside window:

I dug out my winter boots for the first time this season, and headed outside—this is the view from the door:

My Wagen:

Our neighbor across the way:

Our sleeping Wagen where I spend almost all of my time these days:

The ping pong table:

The compost heap:

Have you had any snow yet?

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  1. Arg! Photobucket seems to be acting strange again. Are you guys seeing a “picture has been moved or deleted note beneath the caption “the ping pong table”? Because it has def not been mvoed or deleted, and yet… Sigh. And the pictures are all different sizes again, not the neat 400 across that I make them so they fit in the column. Why does photobucket torture me so!??!

  2. You know I was really starting to appreciate that you have few needs and luxuries and set such a good example… but… still a woman… hitting up the shoe store lol!! I couldn’t help myself. Love the snow. I always love it when the snow is freshly fallen and everything is so white and so clean, its why its know as the season of renewal. So beautiful!

    I wish we would have some pretty snow!

  3. No snow in MN, surprisingly, we had like 20″ this time last year. Doesn’t bother me, I’m already paranoid about slipping and dropping Janey!

    And omg <3 <3 ping pong, always wish there were bars around here that had it. If I ever have a large basement…

  4. Jan: Well I’m glad. I’m still getting a bunch of them in HUGE sizes on my screen. No idea why that happens or why others see them differently, but I’m glad they seem to look fine on other screens.

    Eyecon: I think it’s a bit sexist to say that at the end of the world my first stop for looting would involve getting a few more pairs of sturdy winter boots has anything to do with my gender. And: hurray for snow!

    FVM: Whoa, ping pong in a bar would be hilarious. Though I suppose technically this ping pong table is at a bar (or just outside of one), though in the winter it’s not so much interesting to use as you can see.

  5. LOL.. I just know way to many women obsessed with shoes. I’m aware that its totally sexist, but I couldn’t help myself, it just seemed so cliche in my world.

    It is a pretty smart idea and wouldn’t be one of the first things I thought of… then again, I’m know what it takes to push bush for hours on end a couple pairs of good warm socks, some plastic grocery bags to keep the footsies dry and your set.

  6. Yes, I’m shoe obsessed – but they’re mainly : cycling shoes, trainers, boots flat, walking boots, only 2 pairs heels!

    Snow looks pretty and is nice so long as you don’t need to travel in it. I’ve got boots with ice spikes in and also ice spikes you put on over your shoes, as I don’t want to break a leg/arm etc. Keep safe if it freezes.

  7. Eyecon: So you know it’s sexist to say things like that any you say them anyway? Umm…? And because you expect women to be obsessed with shoes you interpret a reference to my appreciation of warm winter boots (and a desire to stock up on a extra pairs if industrial production were ever to stop completely) as that stereotypical shoe obsession, which I find rather a leap at best–seeing a cliche because you expect to see it rather than listening to what’s being said. And to make my point clear: there’s nothing wrong with liking shoes or being obsessed with shoes, but making gender stereotypes because of a limited experience of women with shoes? Next thing you’ll be telling me that you think all women are bad drivers. Next time it occurs to you to say something you know is sexist, do women a favor and keep it to yourself.

    Anni: Yeah, I’m already bracing myself for the treacherous ice time that inevitably comes at some point in the winter after snows have started to melt, particularly on all our paths, and then refrozen into ice rinks. Will have to put down gravel or salt this year. Don’t want to bite it with the baby in my arms.

  8. Again I appologize and would like to clarify that it was not meant to be derogatory, but taken light heartedly.

  9. We’ve only had a smattering of snow so far this year, which I must say makes me happy, it’s like an extended autumn weather. The past two winters saw an extraordinary amount of snow here, so perhaps this’ll be a different sort of winter for a change. I have to admit, though, that I also get in the winter mood and sing Christmas songs as soon as it’s December…even in the rain like now 😀

    Lovely photos, I don’t have any problem with them.
    How do you spend Christmas or do you?

    I’m more of a winter solstice kind of person, but still celebrate Christmas. Or let’s say that I go along with ‘it’ happily, since we don’t really do anything traditional. My husband likes to have some of the traditional food, but otherwise it’s pretty simple. And my main course will be a tofu soup to which I’ve gotten addicted lately.

  10. It’s summer in New Zealand with not a snow flake in sight… Have a wonderfully white Merry Christmas…

  11. Eyecon: Thank you.

    Sara: We do do a little bit of Christmas-y celebrating. But I just posted a long blog about that, so I suppose I won’t say anything more here.

    Keith: Someday I need to spend this time of year in your part of the world. It would be such a mindfuck for me, being so used to December=cold and snow to spend it somewhere warm! Hee hee.

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