Welcome to the Click Clack Gorilla Facelift

Click Clack Gorilla on the Almost Iron Throne

Well holy fucking shit. I was beginning to think this day would never come, but BEHOLD! Click Clack Gorilla has a brand new face. If you notice any bugs still crawling around, anything doesn’t work for you (or works especially well), please let me know. New face means new content. New face means old, shitty problems gone away. New face means new life in this space. Glory, glory, glory. Here we come.

Meanwhile in England…

I recently spent ten days geeking it up at Nine Worlds and the World Science Fiction Convetion.  It was a raucous good time.  And look: I even got to sit on the Almost Iron Throne.  People like George R.R. Martin were just strolling around this place, waiting to be run into.  I’m working on the gathering words to tell those stories asap.  Until then, and if you’re missing me here, I can still be found regularly on Book Punks, talking about books geeking out every single day with Young Adult Librarian Erika Jelinek.

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