we have a sauna wagen !!!

Since moving our trailers, I haven’t been able to build a new wood shed (slash baby carriage port slash kid-carrying bike trailer garage), and the Beard didn’t want to have to move all the firewood again this season anyway. So instead we keep a box of wood in the trailer, one outside of it, and the remainder waits in Frankenshed to be carried over to our new spots as we need it.

This means that every couple of days I walk past our former living space to get a handful of wood from the shed, now occupied by an enormous circus Wagen and our group’s itty bitty Aktionswagen (basically a Wagen we have around to use for events). No one wanted to take the spots that the Beard and I previously occupied for the same reason that we wanted to leave them: it’s a beautiful bit of green, but it’s the loudest bit too. Now the circus Wagen serves as a sound barrier where I once stood (it’s under construction and currently uninhabited) and the Aktionswagen has been turned into a makeshift, sort-of-ghetto-but-totally-awesome sauna and put in the Beard’s old spot. Check it out:

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  1. You will stay out of it until the peanut lands won’t you? I know that hot baths can cause spontaneous abortions, but I don’t know about saunas. Seems like it would not be a good idea though….

  2. Saunas are absolutely no problem for pregnant ladies, luckily! I asked my midwife to be extra sure of course. I go fairly often actually, and am, much to my surprise, more crazily into the heat than ever before. It just feels so damn good I could stay in there forever. Mmmm steam.

  3. @paula, I think you are mistaken. As I recall hot tubs can cause certain types of defects, but even then only in the first trimester, and only when the tub is so hot nobody would want to get into it anyway. I have never heard that it might cause spontaneous abortion, and I researched the subject quite extensively because I had awful back pain that could only be helped by the hot tub. The Nordic countries all use saunas heavily, including during pregnancy, and their natal mortality stats are wicked low. There’s no convincing evidence of a problem there unless you’re using it at such a high temp or for so long that you are passing out.

    With that out of the way…I have been wanting to build a sauna in my backyard for ages. I am deeply envious. But how does it work? The black metal box is for the fire, yes? And, then? Do you have rocks that go on top? Is it just an ordinary wood stove you’re using for the fire or is it something specially designed for saunas that somebody lucked into?

  4. Good for you, enjoy! Saunas are great, especially with woodburning stoves, like we often have in the countryside. There are some houses even in Helsinki where there’s a woodburning stove in the sauna, but not many.

  5. Rachele: Well, it’s a pretty simple set up really. The stove in there is just a regular wood stove, and on top of it is a pot filled with rocks for doing the whole Aufguss thing (I have no frickin idea what the word is for Aufguss in English, you know, the water and the oil that you can pour on the rocks to make the steam scented…). I haven’t actually tried ours out yet. I am too obsessed with the luxurious nearby sauna place that has really sweet deals and a regular heated pool for me to lay around in for hours relaxing all my irritated muscles.

    Sara: There is one wood burning stove at the fancy sauna place that I like to go to, and wow, it is really awesome. It’s one of the hottest saunas they have there, and its in this biggish house-like room with a huge glass-doored woodstove in the front. I love it. Actually, the whole structure is big enough that whenever I’m in there I contemplate how great it would be to just move in. Heh.

  6. The fancy sauna place sounds great, let us know if there’s a change of address in sight for you…All the really fancy public saunas we have are attached to swimmming halls, but unfortunately they have electric stoves. Nice to hear about your voice(in the other comments), still, fingers crossed.

  7. I had to check…There’s one public sauna in Helsinki with a wood stove, and a couple of others with electric and these aren’t with swimming, just sauna.

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