washboards and whiskey

Sometimes I just lay in bed and grin, happy and astonished that the wagon is finished, that I have such a cozy place from which I can nestle beneath heaps of blankets to look out at the world. In those moments it’s as if I’ve just returned from a long trip, conscious for the first time of where I have arrived. In bed, with a grin on my face—so began the weekend. And now I find myself back in bed again, feeling brain dead but content, three concerts in two nights behind me, and nothing but this blog post between me and a long night’s sleep.

The weekend went something like this: show, whiskey, sleep, show, show, whiskey, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep. Friday night our stage (we being Black Diamond Express Train to Hell) was a tractor trailer that we rolled up in front of Haus Mainusch, and it may have been our best concert yet. Sure, the sound wasn’t so good, but the space was packed, and everyone in the front row seemed to know all the words to our songs’ choruses, and much screaming, dancing, and singing along ensued.

Nothing inflates a writer’s ego like a hoard of people screaming word’s she’s written with fists in the air. Nothing except being begged to actually autograph one of our CDs after the show, which may have been the most absurd thing to have ever happened to me to date. I’ll be the one carrying around my ego in a wheelbarrow.

Saturday night we’d agreed to a gauntlet of concerts (note to self: do not ever do this again). First a birthday party in the Reduit in Mainz, then a birthday party in Wiesbaden’s Kreativ Fabrik. The show in the Reduit was fun, but overcast by the pressure to play and get out before the clock struck midnight and our car turned back into a bottle of whiskey.

On time, we arrived in Wiesbaden to discover we’d be playing much later than expected, and if it wasn’t for a very precisely calculated mixture of beer, club mate, and whiskey, I would have fallen asleep in the parking lot, and they would have had to carry me onstage in a stretcher. As it was we all managed to stay awake and minimally disgruntled until our turn on the stage came, where we quickly fought our way through the set before fleeing into the night to our respective beds.

Last week you might have noticed I wasn’t around as much as usual. It was because I was working on a new Black Diamond website, where you can see more pictures of our shows and read reviews and (coming soon) listen to a few of our mp3s without having to visit MySpace, which is getting shittier and shittier by the day. Good riddance, hello helltrain.info. Stop by and say hello.

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  1. I’m playing the crow’s nest song off myspace right now – love it!

    I’m intent on going out this sat. night for an 80’s themed b-day party that’s starting at a bar with a bluegrass band. so my weekend will be:

    sleep, sleep (with baby), whiskey, hopefully hear a band even half as good as yours, pump whiskey tainted milk out of body, sleep sleep sleep…

  2. I can totally understand people singing along to your songs. I finally managed to listen to the CD the weekend before last and found myself singing bits and pieces all week long. I’ve had to banish it temporarily from my mind to let the Mozart and Bach we’re singing next week back in but once that concert’s over, I’ll be listening to it again. Good stuff (and even better that you don’t have a crazily high voice I’d never be able to sing along to 🙂 )!

  3. FVM: Ooo, is this your first alcohol since getting pregnant? Have fun!

    Moonwave: Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it. We might actually be getting up your way to play a concert in the coming months. I’ll let you know…

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