wagon rennovation part the first

Yesterday I started to get things done, even though what I really should have been doing was resting and destressing in preparation for the last night of Marx in Soho at the house. But I was restless, so I ripped up carpeting and discovered a beautiful wooden floor beneath.

Then I took the handcart to the trash depot with a good feeling, and came back with this cabinet. (And a wooden chair.)

Welcome to my kitchen, cabinet. I’m going tp paint it and put a little sink inside. Then I can hide the dirty dishes beneath the flap until the mold and the fruit flies remind me that it exists at all.

It seems I’ve become like those people who have a baby and then turn their blog into a forum for thousands of pictures of its every step. Well, so be it. And in the meantime, you’ll get to learn lots of neat things about rennovating wagons.

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  1. oh! it’s so cute! i’m just back from our summer trip, and discovered you managed to get your own wagon. congratulation! it looks just perfect!

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