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Ahh Haus Mainusch. How I love you in theory and hate you in practice. Especially when the people who host parties and concerts in you can’t figure out how to turn down the bass on the too-powerful sound equipment that they have decided to use to serenade the five people still hanging out at 3 a.m. I didn’t used to have a problem with the noise (the Beard and I’s trailers are the first two behind that lovely graffiti-smeared house, making us the first target of any stray party sounds) because I can usually fall asleep no matter what the soundtrack—the first time. Get me tired enough or put on a movie and ta-ta. But when I wake up in the middle of the night—which happens at least two or three times a night since Peanut has taken to sitting on my bladder—and play bass in my ear, and I end up wide awake. And there’s nothing that can drive me into hysterics quite like not being able to sleep. The situation has been bothering the Beard for a while now, so with us both starting to go just a little bit crazy and a baby about to enter the sleep-deprivation equation, we decided we had to move our trailers to another spot or we had to move out.

Except I didn’t want to even think about moving out. The new tide approaching with the baby’s due date doesn’t phase me. But add another huge change to the pile? No fucking way. Just the thought of it had me in tears. Baby time is the last time when I want to leave a community I love, one where I have friends who I know will be around to chat or help out or keep me sane. There had to be a way to make it work here. That’s part of what an intentional community is all about, right? Right?!! I brought up the subject at our next plenum (the Beard was away at the time), and we started talking about potential solutions. It was incredibly stressful, was all we talked about for weeks, but there was a happy ending.

Our Wagenplatz community is situated in a loud spot. We’re flanked on both sides by construction sites (though those, being temporary, didn’t play into our calculations), and there is the autonomous center on one front and a large room used for weddings and the occasional student disco night on the other. There is just one corner of our Wagenplatz that offers any significant protection from all the noise, and that corner is, of course, full. Prime real estate. And we needed a piece. Long story short (too late), after a hell of a lot of discussion, we figured out a solution that everybody was pretty happy about. Unfortunately, it is a solution that involves moving six different trailers, including ours (though not including the baby trailer, which won’t come into the picture until next summer). And so the game of Bauwagen dominos began.

It took a month before the first trailer moved. But then! Yesterday! The first chip was placed! The first die was cast! The owner of this little green trailer packed up everything breakable, someone threw on the tractor, and we—I use the word “we” loosely as I jumped around taking pictures and silently cheering while five others did the grunt work—pushed and pulled it into its new home. Halle-fucking-lujah, the moving has begun. Above you can see the first domino parked en route to its new spot. Below you can see a “before” of its future home, as well as an action shot of it on its way there.

I love that we can move our houses around like this when the need arises. With two hours of daylight left and the momentum rolling, we decided, hell, let’s move another one. And guess which one it was?! My very own trash house. But I’ll save the pictures from that adventure for tomorrow. Two Wägen down, four more to go…

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  1. After months of lying awake at night staring at walls and ceiling, dreaming of how one day I would make my bed room sound proof (I live in the midst of a Turkish quarter in Cologne, with people standing and sitting in the street chatting and arguing all night long at the top of their voices, and with music blasting across the street at night, and I have always had trouble finding sleep) I found a much cheaper and easier solution. Silicone ear plugs! They smiled at me in bright orange at the pharmacy while I was waiting in the queue, and I thought, well. One can always try. And they work! Once warm, they also become soft enough for me to hardly feel them, unlike those wax thingies that just feel wrong, and they are amazingly sound proof, unlike those foam things that I could never manage to get into my ears properly. And one pair lasts me for weeks.

  2. I think it’s great that your community agreed to get moved around like that for you. That is amazing! In a selfish world, there is hope! Can’t wait to hear more. Patty

  3. Sascha: I will have to look for those. So far I’ve only tried the foam ones, and I can never get them in my ears right either. They go in, but don’t cut off any of the noise, and then they slowly push themselves back out of my ear. Silicon here I come.

    Patty: I know, right? We were really happy as well.

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