wagenplatz dominos parts six and seven

I still can’t quite believe that I can actually say it, but Wagenplatz dominos is over. Fine. We’ve moved them all, and our sleeping Wagen now sits in a much, much quieter spot far, far away from the loud, loud Haus Mainusch.

First we had to move the Wagen I have started referring to as the Opfer Box. I refer to it as the Opfer Box because the word “Opfer” is painted across the front of it in two-meter-high red letters. For those of you who don’t speak German, “Opfer” means victim, and those of you who have ever been on the business end of a really bad break up can use your imaginations as to who painted it there and why. (I like to write about the positive sides of our community so maybe you’ve gotten the idea that we’re all a bunch of peaceful hippies who hold hands and sing kumbaya together every night, but as will happen in any community of a lot of people, there is the occasional drama. I just prefer not to bother much with that side. You can read about drama anywhere, and I’m not going to turn Click Clack Gorilla into a tabloid.)

I missed the beginning of this move, so I didn’t get any good before and after photos. But I did get one photo of the Wagen leaving the spot that our sleeping Wagen now occupies.

Then, while I was off gallivanting around Tilburg, Holland (if by gallivanting you understand “cooking for 24 hours straight and then relaxing on a really amazing carpet”), the Beard and Co. moved our sleeping Wagen. I was kind of nervous to come home and have everything changed. Something about not getting to be there for the move made me twitchy. But when I came home everything was just as I’d imagined it, and now concerts in the house don’t sound like they are taking place in bed with us.

This is the new spot before we sidled into it:

And here we are, tucked in for the forseeable future (though this picture is taken from a different angle than the “before” picture, in case you were feeling confused):

Goodbye old spot. You were pretty, but I think I can with good conscience say: good riddance.

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  2. Just stumbled across your blog – love it! Enjoyed reading about how you live with a baby in such a small home, because one day I will hopefully be doing something similar – we live off-grid on our narrowboat on a river in Cambridge, so a similar sized space. No kids just yet, but we hope there will be one day!

    Love from your newest follower!

    Live-aboard boater,
    Narrowboat Lucky Duck

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