wagenplatz dominos part two: my tiny house moves

Now you see it, now you don’t.

Moving is a pain in the ass. When I think of moving I think of packing boxes, of stress, of never having enough room in the car. Moving a house on wheels is a relief in comparison. You put all the breakables in boxes on the floor. You make sure the cabinets are sealed up tight. You get a jack and remove the blocks holding your wheels up off the ground. And then you hook up a tractor or a big truck and whisk your house off to it’s new spot. No packing involved. To move and be able to go right back to living as you did, to knowing where everything is, to unpacking maybe a handful of boxes is a luxury indeed.

My trailer presents two problems when being moved: the cellar box I built to store my firewood is really poorly placed and rubs up against one wheel when making hard right turns (whoops) and the axle occasionally sticks (I have no idea what the technical terms are for this stuff, but there’s a circle part that allows you to steer and it sometimes gets stuck on the straight part that holds the wheels). I would have taken the cellar box off, but the rubbing is minimal and doesn’t block progress. As for the axle sticking, we solved that when it happened by rocking the trailer slowly back and forth until we got enough space to quickly shift the towing bar into the desired position. Otherwise, she’s in real good shape. Not too shabby for a 61-year-old trailer, eh?

At first I wasn’t particularly excited about the new spot. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been feeling rather resistant to any change beyond the scope of the coming baby. (How do pregnant ladies handle moving??! I’ve heard plenty of stories of people doing it, and I just have to say, wow. I couldn’t handle it. Moving right now would turn me into a weeping wreck.) But I’m sitting in my trailer in said new spot right now, and I have to say I love it. There’s more light, there’s just as much lovely green, and the feeling of change has me feeling exciting about everything. Excited about doing a little pre-winter cleaning, excited about building a new shed for the baby carriage and bike trailer, excited about the terrace with outdoor sink I have been waiting on building for the last five months. Below you’ll see the new spot pre-my-trailer, and then a shot from about the same spot with me snuggly parked.

I was pretty light-handed about my preparation. I took all of the glass jars down off of the shelves and put them in boxes, and I tied the doors to my built-in cabinets shut, but I left all of my books on the shelves and the wine glasses hanging in their rack on the ceiling. And despite the bumps, the fact that the trailer almost tipped over completely at one point during the move (I have never been so close to a heart attack), and our rocking to get the axle in line, not a single book fell off of the shelf. One picture fell off of the wall, but otherwise, everything remained as I had left it. The picture below was taken after the move was complete.

The period of waiting is over, and I’m riding the momentum of the change on into the long to-do list I had been ignoring. Having needed to remove my wood stove pipe for the move, I was inspired to finally clean it (as you really should do before the start of every heating season, ehem). And while I was up there I even started cleaning out the gutters. Today I’ll finish cleaning up the remaining chaos inside, and tomorrow, if the weather holds, I’ll start building the new shed. Ah, isn’t she purdy? Only four more wagons to go…

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  1. I love that you say you can’t imagine what it’s like to be a pregnant lady and move… when you’re a moving pregnant lady 😉 I spy some serious nesting going on. Awesome.

  2. I’d really love a map…where will you guys be now in relation to the communal kitchen wagen and the wagen with all the games/videos in it? And in relation to that one I stayed in while I visited? That was a pretty swell spot she had…

  3. Moving while pregnant is one of my least favorite experiences in life. For one reason or another (we needed more space, better neighborhood, etc) I have moved during three of my pregnancies, and in one of them I had to move twice.

    Since I am normally a bit particular about things being in the right place, this becomes a critical mass during pregnancy, and moving encourages me to be a neurotic mess.

    I can’t WAIT to see your outdoor sink! You are living a life I cannot even imagine in America. Child protective services would be all up in our business if we tried to live in a Wagenplatz….we already make the state peer over its glasses-rims suspiciously at us because we homeschool and are vegan.

    *sigh* Maybe after the second American revolution, eh? 😛

  4. FVM: You know, Feb seems really close and really far to me at the same time. In part I’m like “god it’s going to take FOREVER for the peanut to get here” and in part I’m like “holy shit the peanut is going to be here in three and a half months!” Heh. At any rate I’m glad I can finally respond to all my nesting desires, now that my trailer is where it’s going to stay for the next long long time.

    Frau Dietz: Ahw, I wouldn’t really consider this moving. I didn’t have to pack or unpack any boxes (expect the two on the floor that I had glass jars in, which I didn’t even really pack, just tossed in), adapt to a new space, or even go very far. The spot my trailer is in now is maybe about thirty meters from where it was before. What I can’t imagine is having to completely leave my accustomed space behind for a new empty place that I need to figure out and fill up when pregnant.

    Jill: I would direct you to google earth, but their picture of our place is ancient and has very little to do with how things look now. Let’s see, my new spot is directly next to the movie wagon…if you were facing the movie wagon from the front, mine is now just to the right, but at a right angle to the movie wagon. The wagon you slept in (which is basically parellel to the movie wagon but back thirty or forty meters) is straight out my newly positioned front door and a bit to the left. Oh and there is no more communal kitchen, not the one that the Beard and I used to use. I stopped using it when I put a kitchen in my wagon and then it was just the Beard in there, and now a guest lives in it.

    jadebabylon: Me too! (On the being particular about where things are and moving making me nuts because of it.) The thought of child services scares the hell out of me, considering that they generally tend to be mostly about enforcing the status quo. But there are so many kids in Germany who live on and/or grew up on Wagenplätze that I have the impression that it’s not a big deal for them after all, as long as you have running water and a bathroom on the property.

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