wagenplatz dominos part four

With the ship Wagen moved (there have been a lot of new faces around CCG these days, so for those of you who are wondering what the hell a “wagen” is, read this), the last few moves in Wagenplatz dominos are falling lightly into place. Moving this purdy red number was pretty straight forward (no need for mad scientist ideas this time), but getting things to the point where it could be moved took a lot of work. There was trash to be hauled off. There were trees to be cut down. There were three other trailers to be moved. And somewhere in the middle of it all some jerk came and dumped a truckload of really shitty mulch (haha, more like shredded leaves and seeds) right in the way.

But yesterday the path had been cleared, the tractor was fired up, and this Bauwagen got moved. On to the photos:

The most obvious way to move a big trailer is to hitch the towing bar up to a tractor or a big truck and to pull it. But sometimes your trailer is in a spot that doesn’t make that possible. So you get a half dozen people and you push, you pull it with a steel cable attached to the axle, or you push it with the nose of your tractor.

And tomorrow—part two! Because we actually managed to move two trailers in one day. Only one more to go before the Beard and I can move our sleeping Wagen into its new, much quieter spot. (!!!!)

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  1. Thanks for commenting on our trailer move on the other side of the world, and for letting me know about yours! I’m loving reading about your adventures.

  2. LiveReadyNow: Glad you stopped by!

    haveyouseenthisgirl: Haha, yeah the privacy swirl is a wonderous thing. Does make a lot of these pictures look rather funny though.

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