wagenplatz dominos part five

We are in the final stretch. I had my doubts that the group would manage to get six Bauw├Ągen moved before rain and mud made moving them a joke. We are procrastinators all. But on Sunday we moved two trailers within a couple of hours, and there is only one more Wagen to go before the Beard and I can move our sleeping Wagen to its new happy quiet baby-friendlier place. After another Friday night of very little sleep thanks to loud music coming from the house, I CAN’T WAIT. *Hops up and down like a kangeroo.*

This time a truck-turned-kitchen was up for pushing. If the motor still worked, it would have been an easier number. But as it is, we pulled with the tractor, and then pushed it into place by hand. It went something like this:

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