vine-ripened tomatoes

This article is fantastic. I will post the first paragraph here in order to hypnotize you into actually following the link and reading the rest.

Ubiquitous Matrix of Lies by Charles Eisenstein

“Let’s begin with beer. Near my home I drive past a billboard advertisement for Coors Light. The slogan is, “Coors rocks Harrisburg.” Now, does anybody actually believe that Coors does in fact “rock Harrisburg?” No. Does the Coors corporation itself believe it? No. Does anyone believe that Coors believes it? No. It is a lie, everyone knows it is a lie, and no one cares. Everyone automatically writes it off as an ad slogan, an image campaign.

“The next sign advertises Miller Beer with the phrase, “Fresh beer tastes better.” Does anyone actually think Miller is fresher than Budweiser, Coors, or Pabst? No. Does anyone at Miller Brewing think that? No. It is another obvious and unremarkable lie, beneath the threshold of most people’s awareness. But it contributes to a feeling of living in a phony world where words don’t matter and nothing is real.”

Read the article.

PS If you can follow the title back along my obscure and winding train of thought you win a prize!

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