trash to treasure: a dumpster-dived floor

Way back in February, before Baby Pickles had arrived and when there was still snow on the ground, B brought a new Bauwagen back to the Platz. It looked like this.  He needed more space, and he had been planning on doing the inside up real nice.  But, whoops, no money.  So the trash collecting began, and bit by bit, he pieced together a patchwork floor that, in my humble opinion, looks much awesomer than any regular old orderly looking purchased flooring ever could have.  And it has a chess board!

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  1. That is so brilliant! Love it!
    Always wanted a backgammon board in a table, but a chessboard floor is even cooler 🙂

  2. hey thanx for the compliments on my new floor. i’ll try to keep on feeding nikki with fotos of this and my other construction sites.
    i’m just rebuilding the interior of my motorhome at this very time

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