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“Nikki, you’re not going to be able to fix up the whole wagon without any money.” The words of a non-believer. “You’re going to need materials, tools.”

“I can borrow all of the tools. And maybe in the end I will have to buy a few things, it’s looking like stain and paint right now, but so far I’ve found everything I had on my “to buy” list when I started. It’s turning out to be a damn good thing I didn’t have any money then. The longer I wait, the more I’m finding.”

He shook his head, thinking I was naive. I shook my head, thinking he was mighty skeptical for someone who also regularly dug through the trash.

If I didn’t need to get the outside finished by winter, I would probably be able to find everything I need. A Frankfurt acquaintance spent three years collecting materials for the house he eventually built, gratis. With only a few months to scavenge supplies, I’m still looking at a pretty short list. It will probably end up setting me back a few hundred euros—a few packs of Styrofoam insulation, a few packs of that awful pink insulation (for the ceiling), some extra-long screws, a short but really thick beam, some sandpaper for the belt sander—but seeing as I didn’t have to pay anyone for the thing in the first place, it’s a fair enough trade. As for the stain I thought I’d be needing, I found several cans of it today, and a platz-mate gave me two more full cans for the outside. And yesterday The Carpenter found two jigsaws, a drill, and a belt sander in the trash, and gave me one of the saws. Time is on my side.

The state of things:

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  1. wow…you’ve done an awesome amout of work already. Is that the missing corner post I don’t see? Can you build a new corner by sistering a bunch of 2×4’s and plywood?

    And are those gigantic blocks of styrofoam in the bottom photo? Seriously, where do you even find things like that? How do you cut it?

    And that “bump out” to the left, before the door, is that where your central A/C is located? ;}

  2. Wow! you really are moving along! It’s going to be so worth it!

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