tonight: bird from holland, lisa from darmstadt

Local readers! I’m putting on another concert! It’s going to be great! There’s going to be hot chocolate with amaretto (as well as the usual cheap beer and free kicker) for sale to warm your belly one last time before spring finally rears its soppy disheveled head! Haus Mainusch, Staudingerweg 23a, Mainz, doors at 9 pm! Exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point!

If you made it to the Old Seed concert/three-course dinner last month, and liked what you heard, Bird is the band that Old Seed can be heard playing with on his latest record, The Terror.

Bird on Bird: “Bird plays subdued, melancholy songs with a folk-y character, now and then a bit raw around the edges. Kick-back music which allows you to stare, contemplate or to drink a pint by…it all depends on the weather…” But don’t take their word for it. Watch some videos, turn off your computer, and come over.

Lisa Freieck of Knertz Collective (in)fame will be starting the evening with her deliciously spooky-sweet songs.

Freieck on Freieck: “Guided by a gentle and inconspicuous voice which mostly is backed by subtle guitar playing, sometimes interrupted by glockenspiel, meldodica, accordion or other spooky little interludes, she conjures honest, conclusive compositions between a blue smile and calculated irony. listening to her doleful stories one can confidently dispense with the rest of the world for some short time or, in case of getting their point, maybe for a little while longer.”


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