today it was spring and i did not despair

Returned from Mannheim, recovered from the weekend, spring here. Today more seeds in dirt went into the greenhouse, more random trash disappeared from my future-wagon-spot, and I built crumbly brick mini walls to mark the places where spring and summer will bring gardens.

Soon I will be closing up the hole in my wagon wall, sanding floor boards, moving my house-ship-trailer, and breathing a big sigh of relief. Will it ever really be finished? Yes. I can even imagine it, and I do imagine it, every day, in excruciating detail.

Yet something about the thought of actually finishing makes me anxious, like in the nightmares I have where I have to accomplish a task but it is impossible but I have to accomplish a task but it is impossible butIhavetoaccomplishataskbutitisimpossible until I wake up sleep-pacing my room and wringing my hands. But the weather will not let me despair.

There is so much to do, and instead of being overwhelming it has become exciting. Outdoor showers, outdoor baths, outdoor dinners and lunches and breakfasts…bonfires and fire barrels and candles on tables outside, sat around until dawn. Oh what awaits us in the coming months!

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  1. whoo wee! guess who is back in the land of the free and the home of the brave!! send songs!! chamero says yip!! playin a cd release show with the chimes this saturday! hee haw. squatting their garden shed/living in the basement since we got a blizzard yesterday after 70 degree temps. time to go write! squash is up! peppers are up! t-dogs are comin up! basil is comin up! in my car garden, that is! yeehoo! shifted the pliable 80s window gutters to spurt water into the seedling trays when it rains! or sleets!

    is it september yet!?

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