tiny houses in the snow

Nothing snaps me right out of a tired disgruntled wake-up like opening up the curtains to see this.  Bring it on, winter. Even more fun was showing Baby Pickles snow for the first time.  Is it snowing yet (if it snows at all, that is) where you are?

That last photo is the space where I want to build the mini-Wagen-house (my current plan is not to build a little house from scratch, but to build two Wägen together) that I described here.  I can’t fucking wait to get building on it.

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  1. It’s snowing like crazy here in Stockholm. So awesome!! 30 cm predicted. It’s so beautiful and soft and blowing everywhere. How did the Peanut react to the snow?!

  2. First snowfalls are magical; they refresh the world. Winter arrives later every year here in northern New England. Ski areas and sugaring are hard hit. How can anyone still deny galloping climate change?
    P.S. What did Baby Pickles think of the snow?

  3. Lark: How exciting! The snow from these pictures all melted, and now it is snowing again! Wohooo! Pickles seemed to like it, though mostly what she did was observe it very seriously from the carrier.

    Gillianne: Well said!

    Finn: I bet. How have you guys been adapting to your tiny houses?

  4. yay snow. None yet here, although it can only be a matter of time. I’m looking forward to the beauty but it’s going to make my 4 mile, carless trek into town more difficult. The hibernation starts soon!!

  5. Thunder and lightening summer storm here!! Hello from New Zealand I discovered your blog through reading the tiny houses book. Loving everything your blogging about, super stoked to see a tall bike and all the parenting stuff – hard to find families here who haven’t gone straight and moved to the suburbs after starting a famiy!

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