this is a test of the emergency broadcasting system

Whoops, I broke the internet. Well, not the whole internet, but I did forget to renew my domain name, briefly panicked about possibly losing, renewed, and then spent several weeks wondering why it still wasn’t working. Then my friend the computer genius told me what was what and now here we are, together again at last. Sorry for the brief absence. I hope some of you are still here.

I don’t have much time now because I am about to, fingers crossed, see an eagle in the wild for the first time, but my fingers have been a’twitch for weeks thinking of all stories I could be telling you. We’ve hitch hiked ourselves onto the back of a loaded pick up truck; drank moonshine, homemade watermelon wine, and more bad-tasting beer than I care to think about; were given a ukulele; housed ourselves on a roof outside of an abandoned apartment with a freezer full of shit; and were spontaneous witnesses for a wedding I thought I had missed.

Fun has been had, cold beans have been eaten, backpacks have been emptied of all unnecessary weight, and we now find ourselves in Cambridge, Maryland, about to leave again for our next exciting destination (hello, Baltimore). Though wireless internet seems to flow eternal in this, the land of individual-serving everything, we have no electric devices with which to access it, and I don’t know when I will be back to tell you a few travel yarns. Until then, glory glory, etc.

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  1. Whoa, haven’t checked in in awhile. Are you turning into a travel blog? 😉

    Have a great time. Can’t wait to read about your culture shock!

  2. Lauren: You know what’s really funny? This whole blog, way back in the beginning, actually started out as a travel blog. Thus the “marauding” bit in the title, though I don’t condone all the trampling that word has attached to it (I always think of hippos running through underbrush when I hear it hehe). ANYWAY. Yes, for a bit this will be a travel blog I suppose, as there is much to tell about the beard and I’s journeys through the USA.

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