things to do in the summer

After the mice grow so bold as to disappear into the wall with an entire package of toast, tear down the entire wall (it needed to go anyway) in a madcap hunt for their heads. Succeed in finding their (ex) nests. Curse their ability to consistently escape both slingshot and cat.

After spending one night on a “beach” (man-made, on a river) and one night in a two story tent during a ruckus, wall-shaking thunder storm, come home and set up a bed outside. Spend no more than ten minutes indoors at a time until the rain that you’ve been hoping will water the garden finally appears beneath black clouds.

Oh how I love this season. What are you up to summers?

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  1. where did you get the cool net? I’d love to sleep outside – I wish my old house had a sleeping porch like some do. I have a side porch and thought about pulling out an inflatable mattress – I like the wood support under your mattress. the net would be a real necessity.

    I have fond memories of camping as a kid, and with those in mind drug my husband to a campground when we were visiting my parents. we set up our tent and found ourselves surrounded by people who had brought nearly all the comforts of home with them – even the satellite tv! very disappointing.

  2. Nothing as cool as what you’ve got going! I love sleeping outside too, and get my very best sleep in a sleeping bag outside. I’m usually up and down all night long, but outside I put my head down and the next thing I know the sun is beating on the tent wall. Such deep rest!

    We bought a tent for our Bug Out box, and I think I’m going to persuade my husband (who professed himself ‘an indoor cat’ when I mentioned something about camping right after we got married) that we need to practice setting it up and sleeping in it. In the front yard. This is going to be a hard sell.

  3. Trish: The net was a gift from a friend of mine who used to work for a company that sold gear for people intending to travel to Africa. It’s the best mosquito net of all time.

    Had a similar experience camping in the States recently too. We landed at a campsite in the smokey mountains, and while we were really lucky that there was almost no one else there, the people who were had tons a electric lights and radio or tv blasting. Seems to defeat the purpose of going camping in the first place, doesn’t it? Strange times.

    Paula: Backyard camping is awesome! Heehee. Good luck convincing your husband on that one. I seem to sleep better outside as well. Three cheers for summer.

  4. Once again, you depict bliss, a bliss we will be engaging in at Chincoteague in under a month! But I want me a little wooden wagon!

  5. Which wagon did you tear apart??

    The only thing I really love doing in the summertime is sitting outside as much as possible. Preferably at night with a nice beverage. Hmm, seems to me that you and I did that very thing when I saw you last!

  6. herr glockenspiel: oh that i could pack one up and ship it to your door!

    jill: that wagen sans wall there is the punker kitchen. the wall is already back on though. should post a picture of that too. also: i didn’t actually have any part in the wall tearing down or the mouse hunting, but they are generally good things to take care of summers anyway. 🙂

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