the suitcase

There used to be a small wagon between the red wagon and the spot where my future wagon will be. We call it “the suitcase.” A few days ago we moved it to another part of the wagenplatz.



Where did all that space come from? The suitcase is small, three meters, tops, yet now, now! I look around and my eyes fill with the garden that will, in a couple of months, have taken the suitcase’s place.

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  1. i so wish your pictures were click-able, so i could get a closer look at large versions.

    i wants a suitcase. well, i guess i already have a 24-foot one waiting for me in butte…

  2. m: you know, i wish i knew how to make them click-able, but i think it would involve doing something to complicate the site. a 24-foot “suitcase”?? i want to hear more about that.

  3. yeah, probably would complicate it.

    24-foot “suitcase” = our travel trailer over there in storage. but it might not qualify for the term exactly, due to various reasons + glaring differences. mainly – i ought not covet yourn, when i have a big body/stuff-lugging container already (and plans to get a truck camper already in the works). i just like houses built to move…these are second best to moving around and building shelters with whatever’s there, wherevers you are.

  4. m: ahh, i was thinking the other camper/trailer, but for some reason 24-foot sounded so immensely huge when i read it (i think i automatically imagined something like 24-meters) that i thought maybe it meant you had a new suitcase baby snail shell. ditto on the houses being built to move, ditto on it being second best to moving around and building with that’s there.

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