the rock beneath which i’ve been hiding

Long time no read. I know, I know. I disappeared into the void that is the world when your only contact point is the internet. But what a void it is! Spring had me by the throat. (Is that a good thing? In an asphyxiation fetish sort of way, I suppose it is. Or to make the metaphor a bit clearer: It had me by the balls. By the ovaries. By the heart.)

Now spring has vanished again in a burst of rain and nights so cold I’m lighting the wood stove again. But it is better than minus 15 degrees and the darkness of mid-winter weather. Despite the veil of gray covering everything, there has been so much to do I’ve barely had time to breath, let alone tell you, dear internet friends, about any of it. Let’s see…

We played a concert in Giessen and had a ruckus, whiskey-sloshed good time with the sweet folks from Lycka Till. Then we played the same concert in Mainz, yipee-ki-yi-yey.

After that? Well, a whole bunch of other crazy shit happened that I no long even recall. Visits from America, working in Frankfurt, music, and an eight hour kitchen-cleaning marathon. You can be sure that if I’m not finding the time to blog, then I’m off somewhere having a really good time.

In a fury I copied heaps of my zine (Click Clack Gorilla Issue I, contact me if you want one) and agonized over what I would read at a reading and lecture that was supposed to happen in Cologne on Wednesday night. But alas, a villainous typo shattered my plans, and I stayed home and slept for 14 hours instead. It was kind of glorious, all that sleep, and, rumor has it, the lecture part of the event ended up spontaneously taking place against all odds in the middle of the night.

In a few hours I will pick up an other visitor from the states o’ fifty. I will work on my wagon despite the rain. I will do laundry and wash dishes and take care of the thousand banal details of daily life that aren’t usually worth documenting. I will drink a glass of the raw milk I just brought home from the farmer’s market. I will jog between wagons to keep warm, I will take the dog I am babysitting for a long walk, and I will try to remember to write you more often.

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