the queen is incredibly amused

A couple of years ago Fish in the Water was visiting, and we embarked on a Wagenplatz photo project with portraits of Platz residents. Many photos were taken and much fun was had, but to date we still haven’t done anything with the project. At the time I posted a statement Fishie had written about the project here.

So, long story short, today I got an e-mail from a friend. “I saw you!” the e-mail said. I clicked on the link, and there we were, sitting in front of a trash can on a website called Punks I’d Like to Fuck. I snorted out loud when I saw where we’d been featured.

Before you get your panties in a bunch over whether or not this is PC, check out the website creator’s statement at the bottom of the website (theirs). I won’t reproduce it all here, but the gist is that the website is about someone taking control of her sexuality, accepting it, celebrating it, and at the same time, celebrating people that she thinks are purdy, both men and women alike.

I imagine that a site like this probably gets a lot of very controversial reactions, even though the photos on the site are of ladies and gents hanging out (read: not getting naked), even though it chooses to celebrate beauty in a way that I find much more healthy than the way of the mainstream fashion magazine.


How do you celebrate beauty?

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  1. Ha, yeah I can’t see it at work, either (it’s “websensed,” aka hidden from view so the chillun can’t see all the PILFs).

  2. Kind of hilarious that this site is blocked by your works, seeing as there are no naked pictures anywhere on it that I saw. Just, you know, punkish looking people on porches and swings and stuff. But it’s all in the name I suppose.

  3. The mainstream fashion magazines are the worst – often degrading, mean spirited and negative. And not even really about fashion, which, like any art, can be beautiful.

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