the great roald dahl reread

I have been keeping a lot of my book geekness off of these pages because I’m planning something big with my college wingwoman.  (That’s right, there is going to be web awesomeness and I am saving writing for it and holy shit I can’t wait to say more but I should shut up right now because all those announcements will come when the site is ready.)  But!

So I had this hankering to read some Roald Dahl, and as a result I came into possession of a large collection of his ebooks.  Twenty-nine of them.  I decided I wanted to read his entire works, in chronological order.  And then I jokingly asked the internet-o-sphere if anyone wanted to join me.  And people did, much to my surprise.  And so The Great Roald Dahl Reread was born.

If you’d like to join us, we are a small group over here on facebook, and we’re just getting started.  Of course you don’t have to read everything to join in.  You could come by and comment on stuff you remember reading, just read one or two books with us, or pick and choose as you like.  The more the merrier.  We started with Witches and have now moved on to Gremlins.  The complete schedule is as follows:

Reading Schedule with Starting Dates

June 24 – Witches
July 1 – The Gremlins (1943)
July 8 – Someone Like You (1953)
July 15 – Kiss Kiss (1959)
July 22 – James and the Giant Peach (1961)
July 29 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1964) and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (1972)
August 5 – The Magic Finger (1966)
August 12 – Fantastic Mr. Fox (1970)
August 19 – Switch Bitch (1974)
August 26 – Danny the Champion of the World (1975)
Sept 2 – The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More (1977) & My Uncle Oswald (1979)
Sept 9 – The Twits (1980)
Sept 16 – George’s Marvelous Medicine (1981)
Sept 23 – BFG (1982) & Revolting Rhymes (1982)
Sept 30 – Dirty Beasts (1983)
Oct 7 – Boy (1984)
Oct 14 – The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me (1985)
Oct 21 – Matilda (1988) & Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life (1988)
Oct 28 – The Vicar of Nibbleswickle (1991)
Nov 4 – The Great Automatic Grammatizator and Other Stories (1997)
Nov 11 – Skin and Other Stories (2000)
Nov 18 – Spotty Powder and Other Splendiferous Secrets

PS Roald Dahl’s name is not in my spell check.  For shame!

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