the entire wagon renovation story, from start to finish

I’ve been feeling archival today, and, thinking of the people who stumble upon this website from time to time without ever having heard the word wagenplatz or any of my diy trailer (I’m trying to wean myself off using the word “wagon” all the time in English texts) renovation yarns, I thought I would compile an index of the whole story, from start to finish.

So if you like stories about building stuff from trash; tales of diy renovation trial, tribulation, and trivia; and dumpster-scavenged booty, here it is at last: The Complete Story of Trash House in a whole bunch of parts.

If you’ve been reading Click Clack Gorilla since the beginning, then, well, just imagine this is one of those tediously earnest “year in review” posts, ignore it, and we’ll go get a beer together while the newcomers get all caught up.


July 9: The wagon moves
July 17: I rip up the carpeting and discover the wood floor
July 27: I discover sponge mold lurking and hatch madcap plans
July 31: Removing the mold, ripping off siding, and dumpster diving a trailer load of wood at the building supply store

August 14: A wasp’s nest, a mouse’s nest and two tiny bottles of J├Ągermeister
August 21: Wherein my guardian construction angel expresses doubt and I find a lot of absurdly large Styrofoam blocks
August 28: Wherein I briefly abandon the project in order to give a tall bike-building workshop in Cologne

September 23: Wherein I rip off more siding and start insulating the walls
September 26: Wherein all hope is almost lost and the trash cheers me up

October 2: And the quest stands upon the edge of a knife
October 13: Terrified by the approaching winter, I finish almost all of the insulating and re-siding


Wherein, having given up on building for the remainder of the winter, I show you pretty pictures of our kitchen trailer instead.

Dilapidated chaos=love aka I answer some more questions about living on a wagenplatz.


March 1: Frankenshed is born (aka scavenged materials + one day = two storage sheds)
April 2: I build a trap door into the floor that opens into a hidden storage compartment
April 9: Wherein I finally close up the hole in the wall where I cut out the mold
April 20: We move the half-finished colossus to a new spot and victory is briefly mine
April 21: Finally building stairs to get me in the front door

May 17: Wherein a realign my priorities and get focused
May 31: Magpie visits and takes some pictures of our community

July 14: I decide to insulate the ceiling with hemp mats
July 16: Insulating the ceiling
July 17: Finishing off the ceiling
July 26: Sanding down the floor and the first before and after pictures

August 16: A run down of costs (and move-in chaos)

*Elevator music plays while the Beard and I escape to my native shores for two months.*

November 20: Wagon vocabulary and a beautiful shed
November 29: Replacing window glass and the first snow
November 30: Prelude to a tour (braggin’ photos)

December 1: Holy shit, it’s finished
December 2: Recycling for the apocalypse (re-inventing scavenged objects)

And a new age dawns, dramatic music swells, and I run off laughing into the sunset.

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  1. I think you forgot the part where a charming American girl helped you beat the dust out of your mattress. ­čÖé

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