the dumpster diver by janet s. wong

Who knew there were children’s books about dumpster diving? Well, did, and when I was browsing other trash books last summer, their mind reader recommendation robots suggested that I take a look at The Dumpster Diver by Janet S. Wong. Expecting (fearing) a treatise on diving much like what I’m working on this very second, I was surprised and pleased to find out that it’s an adorable story for those still knee high.

The book itself is large, colorful, and priced far too heftily for most dumpster-diver’s budget’s at $16.99. But the story is lovely, and I think any author who can convince a publishing company to print a book about Steve, the friendly neighborhood dumpster diver deserves my support (or that of your local library, who will probably order the library a copy if you fill out a request form).

The plot revolves around a hobby dumpster diver (Steve) who likes to check out the neighborhood trash with a few local kids. Together Steve and the kids build neat stuff out of the junk that Steve fishes out of the trash, the crotchety old lady next door calls Steve lazy and no-good for diving instead of working more so he can buy new things, and, in a strangely negative turn of events, Steve gets hurt when a trash pile collapses on him while he’s crawling around one of the dumpsters.

But, everyone lives happily ever after after all, the kids decide to collect their neighbors useful junk before they throw it away, and they build Steve a wheelchair out of their dumpster booty. Cute story for burgeoning dumpster divers and great copy-cut-and-paste flier material for freegan events.

And remember, if you decide to buy this book and do it by clicking through this link, I get hot cash! Well, ok, it’s more like cold pennies, but hey, they add up too.

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  1. Now that is cute! I used to LOVE going dumpster diving with my mom when I was in high school. We got so much great stuff out of dumpsters, it’s not even funny. Never done it over here but I do look at all the trash out on the curb pretty closely during the major trash pickup days around here. Unfortunately it seems that most Germans hold on to their stuff until it’s virtually unusable anymore. Although I’m sure that changes the closer you get to the city.

    Strangely enough, there are always about 6 white panel vans from Poland cruising around town whenever we have these trash days. They take a bunch of stuff, pack it up in big trailers and then I guess take it back to Poland with them. I can only hope that they refinish most of it, though, because some of it is just not pretty.

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