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I have been wondering for two days what I would want to write about today.  But I can’t think about a fucking thing besides being pregnant and about hopefully not being pregnant anymore very, very soon.  I read things about babies and pregnancy all day (newly in love with The Feminist Breeder, by the way), and I hope the baby is about to come the fuck out of there already all night.  But I don’t want this blog to only be about kids and pregnancy.  I want it to be about tiny hosues and Wagens and travel and dumpster diving and weird recycling and everything else that intersects with my life too.  But there is nothing left in me except for this baby, and until she comes out, I’m not sure what else will get past and onto these pages.

So, behold!  My tallbike!

Looking at that picture is like a big serving of summer nostalgia.  The tank tops!  The need for sunglasses!  The rides aboard my purple giraffe!  Ahhhh.  Summer couldn’t come back into my life soon enough.

The tallbike I built myself, with a lot of help from some awesome folks in Frankfurt.  We spent a weekend building about eleven of them.  Which we then happily paraded around the city like the little kids we all still are inside.  If you have never been on a tall bike, I am here to tell you they are smile-manufacturing machines.  You ride down the street and people stare in awe, they smile, they gasp, they take pictures, and little kids jump up and down and point.  And everyone wanting to know: “How do you get off of it?”  A question which, once answered, always results in another: “But how do you get back on?”  Both of which I am usually happy to demonstrate.  You don’t take a tall bike if you have to get somewhere in a hurry.

If you want to learn how to build your own tall bike, I’ve got detailed instructions up right here.

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  1. I love these two posts back to back–ginormous tummy-with-human-inside juxtaposed with Nikki-per-usual, slim as a whip and ready to take the city by storm.

  2. What a fabulous picture, you are so beautiful and slim! You will soon be back to that once that Peanut has jumped out!

    A friend of mine is a clown and has made a tall bike, a bit taller than yours. He rides it with stilts. We also ride ‘funny bikes’ like for instance, a Brompton folding bike whcih everyone loves and I have a super recumbent trike. Mine is the relaxed version with the two wheels on the back similar to the racing ones they have for disabled marathon ‘runners’. Everyone loves to comment and ask questions.

    I meet up with people who cycle on all sorts of weird bikes from all over the UK and some of them come over from Germany. There is a show at Germersheim in April I think but I’ve never been to it.

  3. I’ve never seen one of these before. And yes, it made me smile. It’s magnificent! (Can you fit a baby seat on the back?)

  4. FVM: Thanks! Tee hee.

    Jill: True that. It is a pretty weird visual contrast. What is even weirder is how this huge belly I have now no longer seems weird. When did that happen? Whoa.

    Anni: Those bikes sound awesome. So your friend who rides with stilts, he put the pedals in the usual pedal place then? Trying to picture the contruction… If you ever want to send me some pictures of you and your friends’ tall bikes, I’d love to share them on here. My email is at the bottom of the page…

    Fiona: I bet you could. I have a friend who traveled for four months through half the world with a tuba attached to the back of his. So why not a baby?! Better yet I could attach my super awesome kid carrying bike trailer to the back. Might even make the whole thing less prone to tipping over (which has never been a problem, but is always just a general “hope that doesn’t happen” when riding a bike this tall).

  5. I’ll look to see what pictures I have got, will probably have to scan them. He is a trained actor but now does a Japanese show called Kamishibi or something, involving bicycles (all my friends are bicycle nuts)
    Looking at your comment to Fiona, my friend also had a business partner who played the tuba, he carted it around on a bicycle trailer, from a recumbent tricycle. John moved to somewhere like the Outer Hebredes (spelling) or some other such islands.

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