t minus eleven hours and counting

Tomorrow at this time, this lovely lady and I will be sitting in the same room, drunk on champagne. Probably for the third or fourth time that day. My arm will probably also be black and blue, from pinching it to make sure that I’m not dreaming and that we really are about to spend two months touring together and writing zines and having crazy ridiculous frozen sleeveless hobo adventures.

Best first line ever. Filmed by Aaron Miltenberger.

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  1. hey, i’ve seen you on carrot quinn’s links, and i also just blogged about a crazy experience i had over there in that taos plateau/upper rio grande region (was going to comment on your “riding shotgun” post, but the link isn’t working). big katey sleeveless fan over here too (thanks again to carrot), that’s awesome that you two are buddies!

    oh, there’s an insane factor at play here as well…

    you and i, we, you know, went to high school together. haha – give me an email if you get a minute, and we’ll sort all this impossibility out: rubevigor (aaaaat) yahoo dotcommmmmmm.

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