suddenly things were moving so fast

Though in the meantime I’ve hit another rough patch, yesterday was a glorious day.

The ceiling, as it was when we started yesterday afternoon:

The final turn of the screw:

Fucking finished. Enter hail of exclamation points. Enter cartwheels. Enter tired feet and high fives:

The rough spot I’ve hit today is that I’ve started sanding the floor, and that my belt sander overheats every ten minutes, and I have to turn it off. It hasn’t started melting the machine’s innards yet, but it has melted a couple of sand paper belts out of whack. Plan b? Be patient and do other things while waiting for the machine to cool off in the refrigerator between two foot sections of beautiful, beautiful sand-colored wood floor.

It looks like I won’t be finished by my birthday after all, but I am so close that the extra few days it will take to coat the floor are irrelevant. I had sort of gotten to feeling like I would never see the end of this project. Wow.

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  1. Looks really great. It’s great to work wih your hands and wind up with something beautiful.

  2. your ceiling looks awesome – i love the rounded corners of the wagons, which the boards really lend themselves to. congrats on a big step!! and early happy birthday 🙂

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Is that an electric wire for the central air conditioner I see peeking out from the ceiling? 😉

  4. Ha! Air conditioning smair conditioning! Hanging lamps turned on by switches! Installing the rest of the electric cables and things today or tomorrow with one of my platz-mates. Weeeeeeeeeee.


  6. hee, congratulations!

    I´ve been away from the internet for a while – I made that jump after all – but it´s nice to come back and see what a nice house you´ve made. Well done, it´s beautiful…and You did it.

    and Happy Birthday!!

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