success! (and a large deviation from the plan)

Madame Pickles (as Uncle Sprinkles has so often dubbed her and as I’ve decided to call her from henceforth on this blog in the name of not giving away all her internet privacy before she’s even had a chance to have any) arrived on Saturday at 3:30 pm. House birth turned hospital birth turned c-section.  (About which I will write in much more detail later, once I have mastered the art of one-handed typing.) But all is well in the house of Stewart (I think—as I’m still in the hospital I can’t say for sure), and I should be able to go home tomorrow.

Sweet, sweet success.  HUGE GRIN.  Cue new chapter.

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  1. Thanks guys!

    Though for the record Onk Mo, I wouldn’t say the birth didn’t work out. Considering she’s here and awesome (and recovery for me seems to already be going pretty fast). The best laid plans and all…

  2. Oh, wow! One minute a bump, next minute a little beauty! Well done you and all the luck in the world for the little one.

  3. WOW! Glad you’re both healthy, I’ve been checking regularly!! I await the birth story in peering through my fingers style anticipation.
    And I hope that, because you’re in good health, the recovery from the C will be quick. One week after my similar op and I’m leaps and bounds (not literally…but, you know..) better.


  4. Congrats and success indeed! Glad you are both doing well and enjoy the first days – I know even after emergency c-section I was (and am) still over the moon with happiness! Take it slow!

  5. Haha, the “?” was of course a heart sign! I’ll try again: A lot of <3 to the whole family! 😀

  6. Congratulations, she’s beautiful!
    🙁 that the home birth wasn’t to be, but take full advantage of all the rest offered to you in hospital – you’ll be leaping around sooner for it 🙂

  7. Glückwunsch! A lovely picture, looks happy (in spite of large deviation from the plan)!

  8. Awww, she’s precious! Congratulations!!

    I found that typing worked best when I was laying on my side to breastfeed…which I swear was 16 hours of the day at first. 🙂 And I’m sure one-handed typing will totally set in soon enough. We women can do anything lol

  9. Welcome to the world TERRIFIC GIRL! And congrats Mama and Papa! You did it together! And you get to keep on doing it but now everyone is outside. (Please excuse me I have to do the amazing-baby-out-in-the-world dance.)

  10. Oh! 1000 Glückwünsche und alles alles Liebe!
    (komme in letzter Zeit irgendwie selten dazu, Deinen Blog zu lesen, jetzt aber doch grad rechtzeitig! juhu!)

  11. Congrats to you and Beard, I am sorry you had to go to the hospital but thankful you and baby are doing well. Can’t wait to hear new stories with your new family

  12. Congrats! I found your blog about a month ago and have been reading daily since then. My baby is almost 6 months old and I laughed about your one-handed typing comment. Enjoy the one-handed typing while you can, because they get really squirmy quick 🙂

  13. Yeah! I can’t wait to hear the full story. Cesarian birth is something I hope to be prepared for and open for as well. Though I’d like to start out with a no intervention intention just like you!

    Miss Pickle is beautiful and content.

  14. Congrats Hon! I’m so tickled that Madame Pickles is here! I wish your family the best, and can’t wait for more details of how you started out at home, and ended up at hospital. Can’t wait for you to find out her personality. She will flip your world. Patty

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