stocking up, staking out

I have stopped throwing up. I’m so excited that even Peanut is doing a little dance. Or was a couple of nights ago in the first instance of internal kicking I’ve been 100% sure had to do with the baby and not lunch. Nineteen weeks: check.

In my quest to keep my pregnancy as minimally consumer-oriented as my life, I’ve been scouring the fleamarket for necessities since day one. At first it felt strange to dig through the piles of baby clothes heaped in boxes at every third stand. Now it’s about all that holds my interest. At 50 cents to one euro per peice, we’ve now got all the clothes we’ll need for the first eight months (if not a bit longer). And for the price of two averagely priced outfits at a store. Instead of watching horror films these days I just go into stores’ baby departments and look at the price tags. It really is amazing how much money a body can demand for so very little cloth. But picking out tiny clothes is fascinating. Holding a pair of socks the size of your thumbs has a way of making the inevitable consequences of a pregnancy both more concrete and more surreal.

I won’t be needing any maternity clothes—and hey remember how I was talking about needing a bigger jacket for winter with Mount Peanut last week? a friend just up and sent me one in the mail! score!—as I’ve already got more than enough stretch pants, leggings, and flowy dresses and shirts (as well as access to a sewing machine and the Beard’s closet).

The fleamarket has also supplied us with baby monitors (10 euro), burp towels (30 towels, about 4 euro), hoodie towels (4 towels, 1 euro), two carriers (one for the first six to eight months and one for later, 4 and 15 euro respectively), a car seat (gift), and a carriage that can transform into a robot warrier (30 euro). All in all I think we’ve probably spent about 100 euro on everything.

I’m planning on taking Freya’s advice from last week and cutting up all the soft shirts in the free shop into re-useable wipes and towels; I’ve dumpster dived a number of fun toys, bedding, and a stroller; there are at least ten “baby” tubs lying around the Platz; and my mother has been sending one package after another full of things she’s knit or dug out of the attic from my own childhood. We don’t need a crib as we’ll be co-sleeping or much bottle-feeding equipment as I’ll be breastfeeding, I’ll be building a fold-down changing table, and we even have a ukelele and mini piano that the Peanut will be welcome to play with and/or destroy as she/he will. We’ve got everything we need. Almost.

There is something left on the “to buy” list and that is the set of cloth diapers we’re planning on using. Here’s where you come in. You may have noticed that I have a tip jar on the sidebar of this blog. Ignore it, go to our baby registry, and buy us one cloth diaper. It would be an absolutely amazing way to show your love for Click Clack Gorilla, and the Beard and I would both be eternally grateful. Did you know that there are no baby showers in Germany? Getting cloth diapers sent to me by readers of this blog would totally make up for that.

Keep Click Clack Gorilla ad free! Buy Click Clack Gorilla one cloth diaper!

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0 Comments on “stocking up, staking out

  1. I had every intention of cloth diapering, but turns out I’m lazy and don’t care much about the planet, because I’m still using disposable…

    I’m still “planning” to do it someday, but in the meantime, I will send you the ones she’s outgrown already! Just e-mail me your address.

  2. FVM: Email, sent!

    You know you’re pumping with preggo hormones when looking at pictures of printed cloth diapers actually makes you say things like “awwwwww.” Heh.

  3. Love your blog.
    Diapers on the way. 🙂
    ps – are you from MD? (just noticed your registry address and wondered)

  4. OH MY GOD. You guys are the best. I went from worrying that we’d have to buy all the cloth diapers ourselves, which is a really big chunk of cash, to feeling totally showered in presents by kind and wonderful people I’ve never even met! (And some people I have of course.) And Denise! If I’m reading the registry log thingy right you bought us the glow in the dark skull nappies. Which makes me so fucking happy I could do a cartwheel (if I wasn’t way too awkward from being round to attempt one without breaking something at this point).

    I can’t thank you all enough!

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