squat mainz !!!!

There is a new squat in Mainz.  I feel like that sentence almost needs an entire paragraph all to itself, just to let it sink in.  A new squat in Mainz!  Wow.  These times we live in aren’t so friendly to squatters.  Even Holland, promised land of squatters for years, has illegalized squatting.  And now there is a new squat in Mainz!  Hells yeah. Let’s all collectively cross our fingers and toes that it sticks.

Overnight, Mainz has become at least three thousand times more interesting.  People are excited about the new project, and some of that energy is reflecting back into our own once-squatted, now-tolerated house.   This evening, should you fancy, you can come by and see the Beard and I playing a two-headed Battenkill Ramblers set (Mr. Bass didn’t have time, but we wanted to put something together to show our support all the same), as well as Mainz singer/songwriter Plus.

For more information on their doings (events calendar, photos, updates), check out the project’s website or facebook.  The above photo is via the group’s facebook page.

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