spring cleaning

Energy is seeping back into all of our bones. Around the wagenplatz it feels like everyone is getting ready for a big party, and the party is spring.

All of us, more or less, are avid pickers of trash. So throughout the year we end up with a lot of random stuff. Some of it becomes useful, some of it gets built into our wagons, and some of it ends up rotting outside, unprepared for a life with Weather.

Come spring we start rounding up the stray bits and pieces and tossing them onto the bonfire pile. We rake leaves and bottle caps into the bushes, and wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of un-burnable junk gets rolled across the street to the Sperrmüll (re: “big trash”) collection point.

Even though it’s still frosting, is still jacket and gloves weather, I spend every day outside working on something, and the world feels friendly, big, and full of opportunity.

The bonfire pile (it might look small in the photo, but it is almost as tall as I am):

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