so i was wondering

What would you do if, out of the blue, you had a month off?

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  1. I think I would do what I am doing now…teach homeschool, cuddle our new baby, make good food, go on visits to see friends.

    I would get more research done, but if I was taking the month off, it would be all the research I want to do, instead of the stuff I have to do.

  2. Oh, a whole month off? A month off from work, and taking care of my elderly mother, a month off of being a wife and mom? Oh, my! Well, there is tons of things I would like to do but, they are all tied into how much money do I have to do them? If we are to assume that I would have enough money to do whatever I wanted then: I would hook up a decent vehicle to some sort of small camper, or gypsy wagon and travel the USA. I don’t even know if I would have a particular destination. I might hit the West Coast because I have never seen the ocean. I might drive up and see if I could meet Lloyd Kahn and talk with him. I might travel to one of the many small living workshops that are being held around the country and learn how to build a earthbag home, or learn how to build a house on a trailer. Anything I would do at this time would involve learning, and or helping others. I’ll stop there for now.

  3. Now that I’m working again after having almost two years ‘off’ (read: unemployed) I would so get some projects finished that I got started while I wasn’t working- specifically I’d finish the dining nook (which I hope to work on tomorrow) and then I’d work on the guest room.

    They say you don’t know what you’ve had ’til it’s gone…..oh wait- that was part of a Joni MItchell tune…..

  4. If it was possible for me to have a month “off” from taking care of Jane (8 mos. old today!), I would have to decline, I would miss her too much. But if someone would magically just take her off my hands for a few hours whenever I snapped my fingers… fist I’d get my house in order, then luxuriously relax at my favorite coffee shops and read, see friends I don’t see enough, do all the fun things around the city that I’m now unable to do just on a moment’s notice… basically live my pre-baby life!

  5. I pretty much always have a month off. :). I’m totally in love with my life, I’d just live it. If I had special powers for this month I’d snap my fingers and be on the other side of the river without having to wait for it to freeze.

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