sing away the winter blues

We traded cold tempuratures for beautiful days. For the last three months I’ve woken to grey. Grey skies, grey air, grey skin, and grey trees. The grey got into everything. Usually I spend a lot of time outside in the winter regardless of weather. There is always wood to be chopped, and there are always limbs to be warmed by the movement. But this year the Beard has taken over the wood schlepping and chopping duties (for those of you just signing in, it’s because I’m pregnant), and I’m sure in part that there’s a vitamin D deficiency cohorting with the grey.

Now the weather has gotten frigid, but the skies have turned a brilliant blue. Snow would complete the scene, but it’s far too cold for white frosting now. I am ready for hibernation. But instead I’m damned by my species to remain awake through the cold. I usually enjoy the change of pace that a good tuck-in-for-the-winter can bring. There are books to read and movies to watch and 90s point-and-click adventure games to play and down blankets to heap on top of chilly limbs. The sound of a new log catching fire in the wood stove is the soundtrack, the sound of a neighbor’s axe hitting the chopping block the beat.

But having been “tucked in” since the beginning of the pregnancy (morning sickness, ugh), I’m ready for winter activities to give way to something warmer, to something involving warm sunlight and movement. I’m tired of reading, of watching movies, of browsing the internet. The sauna is my salvation. Once a week I go for four hours to remind my body what it is capable of without the watermelon tacked to my front in the heated pool and to steam my limbs, an exorcism by air and water.

Since it’s gotten cold, we’ve been sleeping longer, and it has become harder and harder to get out of bed. Who wants to leave the warm folds of a down blanket for such a cold day? Though we remembered to turn the water in them off on time this year, the toilets are both currently stopped by bits of ice somewhere in the pipes, and now a walk to the bathroom takes me further and longer. It is the glory season of the chamber pot.

But the weather is another reason that I can’t wait for the baby to hurry up and arrive already: once she’s here I’ll have new grounds to appreciate being tucked in, a new relationship to develop and someone fascinating to spend hours in bed cuddling with and getting to know/staring at/relearning everything I know with. And relatively, it won’t be long until winter really does give way to spring.

Demons exorcised by steam and just enough energy left to attempt to think positively, I turn to music for a good mood while the doldrums last. This song is my current magic spell. Do you have a good mood album or song that gets your feet tapping and the corners of your mouth heading north? For the love of cod, share it in the comments if you do. The long ninja approach will not conquer this winter’s doldrums, but a virtaul army might have a chance.

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  1. Do take some vitamin D supplements too – the UK has (finally!) woken up to the fact that certainly the “vulnerable” parts of the population are deficient – they recommend supplements for anyone who’s pregnant & also babies (best way – through breast milk so mum needs to take the Vitamin D).

    Music – well, massive attack, foo fighters and for beauty that’s sing-along-able maybe Birdy’s debut album of covers….

    Stay warm xxx

  2. Hey, Frau Dietz and hubby had dinner at ours on Saturday and sang your praises. They said it was a great gig on Friday and that we would’ve enjoyed it.

    Next time!


  3. It snowed! Doesn’t help the vitamin D much but the over all asthetic is much much better.
    And hang in there – that feeling of disquiet, excitement and longing is part of the end of most pregnancies.

  4. I didn’t know you listened to Matt & Kim! Matt’s a buddy of mine from high school and I just went to his birthday party a few weekends ago!

  5. Tom: *Blush.* Well awesome.

    Corinne: Awesome! Of course GEMA won’t let me watch the video because they censor frickin everything on youtube, but I know the song. Good for a good mood for sure.

    Elaine: Hurrah for the snow, I say. It def helps to make winter seem a little better.

    jillH: Whoa really? That’s awesome! I had no idea.

  6. Oh and I forgot to say – the last couple weeks is when the lungs get strong and the eyebrows fill in on the little peanut. Grow big and strong and hairy little one.

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