she who must not be named

And with a huge sigh of relief I can finally say it: spring!  Spring spring spring!!!!!!

From now on we will be spending all day everyday outside.

From now on we won’t have to make kindling because we won’t have to light the wood stove.

From now on we will cook in the purple Wagen.

From now on we will eat outside.

All dresses all the time!  Vitamin D!  Sunglasses!  In the moment of spring, our living space increases twenty fold.  Welcome to mansion season.

But spring has snubbed me once already.  On March 8th I said its name out loud, and after one glorious t-shirted afternoon of sunshine, it slipped back into the shadows without a trace.  Does spring really mean it this time?  Will it abandon me once more?

Has spring hit you yet?

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  1. Don’t even f-ing ask. This winter in MN is dragging out in an epic way. Starting with below zero windchills on the official first day of spring last month, a snowstorm last week, freezing rain all weekend, and more snow predicted for this week. Good luck to you keeping your spring.

  2. I hope you enjoy your spring. We didn’t get one this year in Fl. We went straight from a colder than usual winter for us straight to summer. It has been 90 degrees more than once already and upper 80’s are the norm right now.

  3. No, it certainly hasn’t. There’s still some snow on the ground here..Actually, it isn’t too bad, at least it’s been raining now these past few days and that’s definitely a sign of spring in my books 🙂 Hope Germany is ahead of us, weatherwise and you haven’t been cheated again!

  4. Moved to the UK from Spain three months ago. I don´t know if this is Spring, it certainly isn´t by my standards!! And this is supposed to be the warmest place in England, the Englsh Riviera they call it. Oh, how I laugh 🙂

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