settling: after the move

In every battle of the wills so far, my new space phone has won. At the moment it is winning at preventing me from removing photos and videos of our move and putting them on my computer. My computer pretends that nothing is connected to it when I attach space phone’s usb cord. This is why I have been silent on the matter of moving, the one thing I absolutely can’t wait to tell you about. Go figure. But look at that! Those are our two Wägen in their new spots in Frankfurt! So green! So far apart! So many far better pictures soon to come!

It has been ten days since we arrived, most of which the Beard spent working aka I have spent alone with Baby Pickles aka not so much settling has happened just yet.  The Beard has jacked up the red Wagen, and he also built some lovely steps while I was away one evening, as a surprise.  Pre-new steps we were vaulting into the Wagen on a very wobbly construction that threatened, emptily as it turned out, to toss me on my face every time I climbed them carrying Baby Pickles.  Our midwife, who never liked the steps we had on either of our Wägen before, would be very happy.

The to-do list remains, though its contents have changed.  1.  Finish painting my Wagen.  (The unpainted spot was blocked by a tree in Mainz.)  2.  Put my Wagen up on blocks.  (Walking into the Wagen is walking down hill, currently.)  3.  Put in a stone walkway between Wägen.  (The muddy season is coming.)  4.  Build a new shed.  (Big enough to house our baby bike trailer, baby carriage, and all the tools we’ve accumulated, particularly in the last three weeks.)  The little things aren’t even worth listing until those items are checked off.  The thought of just one day when I could do things involving both hands and no baby sounds like winning the lottery.  But I don’t harbor any illusions about winning the lottery either.  So, stolen five minutes by stolen five minutes, it will come.

Who wants to come over and babysit Pickles while I work?  (And then who wants to invent a teleporter so that I can have fun company and babysitters from all over the world all the time?)

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  1. It looks a lovely spot, and homely already! I for one would love to make use of your teleporter, once you’ve got it hooked up, and will happily babysit for a few hours. Congratulations on your move!

  2. Well, I already have to break the news to the friend I’m staying with the weekend after next that I’ll be deserting her for a few hours on the Sunday in order to go and meet a fellow-toytowner. Wonder how she’d react if I told her I wanted to take off for a couple of hours on Saturday as well? Hmmmm.

  3. Darn it! I think the teleporter is an idea whose time has come (provided of course that it doesn’t require a shitload of fossil fuels to run)!

    Why is Science working on getting us in Space, when they haven’t figured out what to do about space radiation and the lack of gravity (which translates into bones of jelly if you spend so many light years getting anywhere) instead of making us teleporters which we could use right here, right now on Earth? Oh sure- they can build a super-collider, but what the hell good is that for? I mean, seriously- who the hell cares about so-called string theory and all that nonsense?

    Do something useful!

    Build a damn teleporter!!!

  4. Moonwaves: Are you going to be in Frankfurt?? If you are I totally want to meet up. I have this vague memory of you referring to this already… Swiss cheese, swiss cheese is what my brain is made of!

    Fishie: Hells yeah!

    Paula: Hahaha. Exactly. !!!

  5. Just a quick comment to let you know I’m not ignoring you – yahoo keeps bloody well crashing IE on my work pc (ancient version). Will try later from internet cafe. Can’t do Saturday night unfortunately.

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