romantic ruins

One of my hobbies is exploring abandoned buildings. I’m not sure if you could really call it a hobby however, because “hobby” is such a trivial word, and I fucking love abandoned buildings. I’ve been in creepy ancient school complexes, in beer factory brewing halls six stories under ground, and empty warehouses, and I have taken pictures.

Which leads me to the question, dear readers, do you like abandoned buildings? Because if you do I might start doing a segment with stories and pictures from various expeditions. Give me a “here here” or a “no, you fool!” in the comments so I can decide accordingly.

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  1. Yes! Please! I love to stay overnight in really old dwellings and wait for the spirits to show up. The neatest bit of graffiti that i ever saw was in an ancient privy in Grand Canyon, which was three slabs of rock which formed a seat under an overhanging rock, and there on the wall of the overhang adjacent to the seat, was the neatest little lizard etched into the stone.

  2. Yes please! I would be quite interested in the locations (because I too might like to visit) and any and all pictures you saw fit to take.
    Heck with that, just take me!

  3. stupid. EVERYone who is still alive loves stories of abandoned buildings. and those who are dead might be living ehhhm housing there already and therefore be interested in nice gonzo journalism about there sweet tiny homes!

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