rolling, rolling, rolling

The move approaches.  Slowly but, apparently, surely.  It has been so long since we visited our future home that I’d managed to lose all momentum and excited energy.  Moving seemed like a fictional event that wasn’t going to happen in this dimension.  But when two mornings ago the Beard sprung out of bed and started clearing out the dark recesses beneath our sleeping Wagen, the energy caught.  There are things to do!  There is junk to sell!  There are moments staring out of the window to be savored!

The thought of moving feels so much less daunting given our houses.  Houses on wheels!  I love it.  No boxes to pack, no moving trucks to be rented, no boxes to be lugged up unfamiliar stairs and left un-opened for weeks.  I am already savoring the fact that when we arrive at our new place of residence our home will be exactly as it always was, everything in its place.  Within minutes of arriving I will be able to walk into my kitchen, take down a pan, and start cooking dinner like I have hundreds of other times.  The only difference will be the view out the window, the sounds floating in through the door.  Sweet, sweet luxury.

But before then I have a small to-do list to accomplish.  (Empty and take down part of Frankenshed, sell shit at the  flea market, remove the cellar box, re-side the bit of my Wagen I used someone’s crappy old ceiling boards on, paint exterior, remove garden fence, move refridgerator inside, get gas stove.)  Tomorrow morning you can find me behind a table at the flea market, selling all of the clothes I am convinced I will never fit into again.  Right or wrong, when you buy all of your clothes at the flea market anyway, putting them back into the stream now and again never hurts.

And what will our new community bring?  Of all the 20-some people living there, I know one well, one from an afternoon, and several from simply seeing them around all of those years that I spent living in Frankfurt.  I am excited about the amount of space we’ll have for our three Wägen spread out under tall shade trees, about my work commute shrinking from over an hour to five minutes, about the fact that someone there has bees.  There is so much potential bundled up in a move.  Will I be able to get chickens?  Will I someday be able to get a dog?  (They seem to be more of a cat community, so maybe not.)  Will we all get along?  Will my new shed be frickin awesome?  (Yes.)  Should we be ordering our firewood here, now?  Will Pickles get along with the other kids (when she’s old enough to notice them)?  So much to contemplate.  So many changes and surprises.  It’s what I love most about moving.  Talley-ho!

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  1. Oh, I envy you the lack of box packing and unpacking. With the prospect of our possible move in November I am already starting to get geared up for reducing our belongings before then. It’ll take me about 2 months to build up proper motivation! Ugh… but your move sounds lovely. I think everybody at one point wants to just keep their lovely home and just change it’s location. x

  2. Fiona: Thanks! And ugh to your potential upcoming move… I always do the belongings reduction thing right before moving and yet somehow it just never really seems like less. How does that happen?

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