recycling for the apocalypse

“Sometimes, lost in post-apocalyptic reverie. I imagine that even the landfill may not be the final resting place in the empire of scrounge–that someday, when the present world of mindless hyper-consumption has finally failed, those thousands of tools and bicycle parts and lengths of copper pipe that I know are buried there will be dug, reclaimed, reinvented. In that regard I figure that, as an urban scrounger, I’m practicing for the apocalypse”
-Jeff Ferrell, Empire of Scrounge

Behold the recycled door! Fashioned from a metal car-advertisement board that showed up one morning from nobody knew (or could rightly remember, or wanted to admit) where. Lovers of apocalyptic aesthetics can now eat their hearts out with a spoon (door handle)! Love, love, and love.

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  1. the spoon!!! it´s the spoon that makes it. beautiful.

    but why put the writing so you can read it? That would really irritate me, seeing the same slogan every time I grab the spoon…

  2. Jill: Someone I don’t think you met while visiting.

    haveyouseenthisgirl: No idea. Perhaps owner of said door will eventually show up here and provide an answer to your question. I think I’d like it either way.

  3. @haveyouseenthisgirl: well, first you should know that usually you dont see very much of the writing since you can only approach from beside, and when you reach the door your distance will be half a meter maximum. but, if from time to time a visitor reads the words, it will in general be smiling. these lines written on this wagon have a very cute ironic effect. “wagon of the people” and “first class” you can understan yourself, but later on there are words like “certified quality” (the wagon is slowly disappearing in fact, and an indoor rain drain sometimes wouldnt be a bad idea), “guaranteed mobility” (yes we did move it somehow about two years ago, but dont ask any further…), “by guarantee a used car” (very used indeed, you bet. well of course the word means “guarantee on used cars” but the german speciality of composed words provides the oportunity to play with the word…), “including option of prolongation” (i moved into this wagon just for some time, until my own wagon would be ready, but now i even cant remember how many years have gone by since this innocent moment), then there are some words concerning finances (less interesting), and in the end we have “replacement” (or exchange? forgive my poor english. as i already mentioned, this wagon is just replacing my own, >temporarily< as i call it), "rebuy" (in fact one day this wagon will find the way to the real owner), and the last word, extremely adequate, "replacement wagon" (it isnt the distinct german word for car, its the ambivalent word for wagon and car as well!). ahh, yes and the very last line says "ask us for full details". as you did. so, as a joke which you dont notice very often its ok with the door like that (and in fact, it will be easy to erase the whole writing, or just single annoying words, i suppose.)
    ps, rumour has it that there is also a less sophisticated explanation, insinuating some grubby mistakes while preparing to oblige this board as a door, with the inevitabely consequence of permuted front- and back-side. even the ruinous impact of alcohol is mentioned underhand in this context. but who would accept such a mundane explanation!
    the spoon? well yes i like it, too (i LOVE some sort of kitchen things, and i love things used against intention), but in fact its not an example of trash use anyway. it was a good useful spoon and now i got two spoons less (inside i needed a door handle too) and have to do the dishes more often. (spoons corresponding to my esthetic desires do not appear every day, even at the world famous mainz flea markets. at least not for free.) and i must admit it reminds me a bit to all these antlers used as door handles, as they are common in the neorustical buildings in the north (and also to the classical arts-and-crafts usage of knifeforkspoon as bracelet and things like that, in other words: a bit too cute, maybe).

  4. hey, i’m honoured to be quoted in relation to a scrounged/reinvented door! i’ve been blogging about similar things lately at my empireofscrounge blog. at any rate, what a wonderful way you’ve figured out to live–keep it up! best, jeff ferrell

  5. Jeff: Holy wow Batman. Thanks for stopping by. I’m a big fan of your book. Am currently writing my own trash book and you are a pretty key resource in it. Going to go check out your blog now…

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