recycling for the apocalypse: cart chair

The riders of the apocalypse will not arrive on horses, as is often assumed. No, their chariots will be welded together out of scrap metal and old shopping carts.

This particular steed—failing in Mad Max character though it is—I built as a birthday present. Inspired by what I had seen in Cologne during the tall bike building workshop, I came home, got out the angle grinder, and chopped off the front of a shopping cart that had been hanging around the Platz. It really isn’t more complicated than that. Slap on some paint, attach a cup holder and a sun umbrella, and you’ve got a sweet little rolling chair/beer cart. Or wedding party chariot, depending on your taste.

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  1. Oh I love it, right down to the color! Once in college I was leaving my dorm for a class when some friends came racing down the hall with a shopping cart they’d randomly found. I ended up ditching the class for a shopping cart joy ride around the building. The pics we took are hilarious, but unfortunately not digital, we used film “way back then”, Ha…

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