prelude to a tour

It has, at last, come to this. Me: camera happy. You: finally getting a taste of the sweet, sweet light at the end of my tunnel. Today, a preview, tomorrow, full disclosure (and exposure) of the finished caravan.

To read about the entire project, click here. This post was a part of Show Off Your Cottage Mondays at House in Roses.

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  1. Thanks Cathy! It’s still early, so it’s not so warm inside yet, but that little wood stove is the sweetest wood stove I’ve ever had the pleasure of lighting.

  2. I think I recognize one of the people in the pictures… AH I wish I could come visit and see it in person! I was just saying to my friends last night that I love reading your blog because I feel like I’m learning how to do things. It looks beautiful! Let me know if you need any things made in the realm of fabric stuff.

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