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The question has come up more often than I expected since we told the world about Peanut’s arrival in my stomach. Are you going to stay at the Wagenplatz? our apartment-dwelling friends want to know. But besides the noise from concerts and parties in the house at the front of the property, I can’t imagine a better place to raise a child. It’s the “it takes a village” principle in living color. There’s space to play outdoors. There are seventeen different people to talk to and learn from. It’s not any smaller than most of the apartments I’ve lived in. And we have a hell of a lot more money then we would if we had to pay a normal rent. I can’t think of a single reason to leave, no longer being attached to the luxury of having running water within arm’s reach at all times.

And this, I am proud to announce, may be our future Kinderwagen:

We hadn’t started looking for a Kinderwagen for the Peanut when we heard that one of our Platz-mates was planning on moving out and on next summer. The Plan is to house the three of us in the red trailer for Peanut’s first months, so the potential wait is negligible. Assuming that all goes well on her side and ours, the Wagen you see pictured above is the future home of Peanut Stewart come summer 2012.

It will also be, I can only assume, the future subject of many a rennovation blog. It’s in good condition (five meters long, metal siding, leaky roof with a not-leaky pond tarp covering it), but the walls are not insulated. And it is incredibly convenient. It’s already here, and we’re already lined up like three ducks in a row: trash house (my trailer and our future kitchen, my office, and guest space), the red wagon (future bed- and living room), and the Kinderwagen—strategically (luckily) placed the furthest from the noise of the house venue that has destroyed many a night of otherwise peaceful sleep.

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  1. Funny. The first thing I wondered was whether you’d need to move to a new Wagenplatz where you’d have a bigger/additional Wagen. Never crossed my mind that something as everyday (tongue firmly in cheek!) as a baby would sway you from your preferred choice of home.

  2. Oh my goodness! Congrats! I’m late in catching on but that is so great for you guys. I’m sure any child growing up in an environment like that is going to have a blast. I know a family in the US with 4 kids and they are all living in a tiny RV, working off their debt. Their kids are doing just fine and it’s definitely helping them to learn to work together better.

    All the best! And screw the nay-sayers 😉

  3. Moonwaves: Apparently you know us better than half of our friends then. 🙂 The convenient thing about living on wheels is not needing to move anywhere to “buy another house.” If we hadn’t had the luck with this one, we would have bought one from somewhere else, carted it here, and squeezed it in somewhere.

    FVM: That would be awesome. Damn frugalness. Damn airfare costs. I fondly remember the days when I round trip ticket cost at most 400 dollars. What lovely days were those.

    Tiffany: Haha. I assume you knew after commenting on one of the posts where I talk about throwing up constantly! Haha, you probably aren’t the only one who assumed that that had something to do with whiskey. But not this time. Have any spare kid’s stuff you’re looking to get rid of??

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