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Two days ago it finally rained. Black clouds rolled in, and a strong wind swirled dust from the construction site across the street everywhere. There was dust in our eyes and mouths as we scampered from wagon to wagon, making sure that windows and doors were shut tight.

The heat broke, and we all stood outside, actually cold for the first time in weeks. Then we all sopped back to our wagons to change into dry clothes. But when the window in the kitchen blew open, water got in my camera and now the pictures I take are a bit overexposed (that is what it’s called when there’s too much light, isn’t it?) All the same, I promised you pictures…

Some more pictures

Hemp insulation has turned out to be incredibly easy to work with. Out of 5 mm packs (that is, sheets of insulation that were 5 mm thick), the salesman had sold me 100 mm packs. Because the sheets are made of layers of hemp fibers piled on top of each other, you can stick your hands into their middles and rip them apart lengthwise. We ripped, measured, cut (with scissors), and installed, tacking string up along the way to hold the insulation in until we got around to putting up the ceiling boards.

We finished in about an hour and a half. A miracle! Frau Doktor said she’d needed days to insulate her most recent project’s ceiling. Cutting styrofoam is a pain in the ass, and it’s easy to fuck up. With the hemp you can just cut a centimeter too big and press it a bit so that it fits tightly in the space between beams.

Afterward, we started installing shiny new ceiling boards. Though my heart remains a little broken that the old boards all (well, almost all) broke as I pulled them down, the new ones look really fucking good. Today we’ll finish, and tomorrow I reckon I’ll be back to boast about it.

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  1. How much is the hempfiber isolation in germany? Here in sweden we cant really get it. We have to use linnenfiber instead and that is shall we say extreeeemly expensive.

    • It was rather expensive. To do my ceiling, which was maybe a 3m by 6m surface, I spent 130 euros. Compared to the 16 euros it would have cost to put in icky glass wool shit. You can’t get it everywhere here, but there are a number of stores that specialize it organic building materials. I got mine from a store in Darmstadt. Maybe you could order it? Though I imagine that would be rather expensive…

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