people of mannheim, mainz, and wiesbaden!

Cough cough, hack hack, slurp, gurgle, wretch… If I could just wrangle the last of the phlegm out of my god damn throat, then I’d be ready for the next heap of concerts that we’re playing with Black Diamond Express Train to Hell (bluegrass pirates of yore!), starting tonight in Mannheim. Sometimes I wish I played an instrument that wasn’t a part of my body. It would make being sick a hell of a lot easier to deal with.

The schedule for the next two weeks looks like this:

Friday, March 4: Manneheim, Germany // ASV
Saturday, March 5: Wiesbaden, Germany // Hectic Society Fest @ Kultur Palast with Pascow and other punk riff raff

Friday, March 11: Mainz, Germany // Haus Mainusch with Civil Victim and Gunmob (once again country plus punk)
Saturday, March 12: Wiesbaden, Germany // Kreativfabrik (somebody’s birthday party, but apparently open to the public for a cover charge)

And coming soon, so very soon:

May 4: Wiesbaden, Germany // Schlachthof with Austin Lucas and Digger Barnes
May 13: Mainz, Germany // Ventil Verlag with the lovely and hilarious Phoebe Kreutz

If you’re in the area, you should come by. And if you read this blog and we’ve never met, by all means introduce yourself. Sometimes after I post these little notices, I spend half the night wondering if the person smiling slyly at me from the corner is a blog reader too shy to introduce themselves. Of course, until now, they have just proved to be creepy, but YOU could turn the tide tonight! As I always say, come for the music and stay for the whiskey-fueled bar fights…

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  1. My teleportation machine is broken down otherwise I would be there. With your far seeing eye you will see my spirit in the crowd trying not to be creepy.

  2. Well, hopefully we’ll make it up to Hamburg one day soon for a few shows, Ian! Unfortunately this summer’s tour is taking us off in the other direction.

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